Content marketing and SEO: What you need to know

By Team Logicserve

  • May 8, 2014,
Content Marketing @Logicserve

Content Marketing @Logicserve

Content strategists and planners are always looking out for novel ways to get more qualified search traffic. These days, most content experts recommend that companies should combine content marketing with SEO or search engine optimization. When you have a good look at content marketing and SEO, you will find that they are homologous to the pair of peanut butter and jelly. You can eat them individually, but when you combine them, you will surely find the taste fantastic. In other words, peanut butter and jelly complement each other. In the same way, content marketing and SEO complement each other and give increased quality traffic to websites.

As a content strategist for an ecommerce website or online website, you will have to think of merging the content marketing and SEO efforts. In the past, most content strategists were running content marketing and SEO campaigns separately, but they were not getting the desired results. But, when they combined the content marketing and SEO campaigns together, they found increased benefits.

If you are a content strategist or content planner for a very large organization, then you will have to restructure your organization as well. This means that you will have to keep the stakeholders in the loop and make sure that you get their consent first. There are some very good ways in which you can combine the SEO and content marketing efforts. Here are a few. First, you can create attractive and meaningful content that even Wikipedia would love to link to. On the internet, you will find that Wikipedia is one of the best sources of relevant traffic. You will find that it ranks for almost all searches for Google and other search engines.

Second, you will have to create content that is based on keyword data. There are many companies or ecommerce companies that have really not understood the real essence of content writing. Most companies are seen hiring bloggers and asking them to write blogs that are written just for the sake of writing. In fact, you need to blog on the content that customers want to read. So, there are some target keywords that you will have to write on.

Third, you will have to create quality content before you target larger quantities. In the past, when Google was evolving you could have any type of content and Google would give you thousands of visitors to your website.

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These days, Google has got smart and has created an algorithm that figures out how to rank the good quality content and filter out the low quality content. For this reason, you will have to create high quality content that is accurate and in-depth. Hiring a good content writer is paramount if you want real good quality content for your website. The content writer needs to have enormous experience in content writing for websites.

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