Create Lead Generation Ads through Facebook

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  • October 28, 2016,

When you log onto your page, do you see a notification springing up regularly about a new advancement in your ads manager or power editor? With needs and demanding to change every time, it has been essential for Facebook to be updated and provide something new to brands and their clients.


A lot has been spoken about Leads Generation via Facebook but is it that effective. Let’s give you a complete tour on Lead Generation and the aspects that you need to follow. Let’s start with the basic question- What is Lead Generation? In marketing terms, lead generation is getting the consumer interested with an inquiry or need to purchase a business’s products or services. It is basically getting the customer’s interest generated.

Facebook with Lead Generation ad campaign has made the procedure of generating leads much faster and a lot easier. You can inquire with the customer to provide their information. They can give you the information without leaving Facebook.
To tell you in brief here is how it works:
– Ad is shown to the users
– If it interests them, they can click on the call to action.
– This will take them to a prefilled personal information sheet provided on FB.
– Users can review the information and edit it

Lead Generation through Facebook

Process to create the Lead Campaign

  • Create the Lead Ad

The Lead Generation option is available in the Ads Manager/Power Editor for advertisers to start their campaign

Creating Campaigns


  • You need to select the Lead Generation objective from the dashboard. When you go to the ad level, you will see the following form section.

Lead Form

  • Click on the Create New Form

Create lead ads

  • Choose the prospects for the customers who will fill in the form later

Create Lead Ads Form

  • You can add custom questions, too

Custom Questions

Tips for creating Lead Generation ads:

  • Tell people what they need to do

When it is about advertising, it is important to tell people what they need to do. So for Facebook advertising Call To Action (CTA) is crucial. This CTA is very similar to Lead Generation ads. The image below is an example of a Call to Action, it makes users click on the creative and fill in the form.

Call to Action


It informs users what they have to do, and teaches the process which is easy because Facebook is going to fill out the form for them. This process is very clear to the user and helps to increase the conversion rate.


  • Capture Leads late in the night

Users are free and relatively in a better mood to provide information to brands on Facebook.

  • Always test the Call to Action

Try to use the most accurate one that reflects what you need from the customers.

When it comes to advertising, sometimes you have to tell people what to do. “Go here.” “Click this.” “Give money here.” It’s no different for lead ads, especially since many Facebook users haven’t seen lead ads yet.

For example, the ad above  includes the following line: Click below and confirm your information (Facebook fills it in for you)


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