Curating content for social media channels

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  • December 24, 2013,
Curating content for social media @LogicserveDigi

Curating content for social media @LogicserveDigi

As the digital marketing world is abuzz with content and employing the right content marketing strategy a.k.a content curation as it is popular known as. For preparing content for curation, you need to bear in mind some key points which could assist you to stay on the right track. Remember getting the entire strategy right is long term involving social media and hence cannot be achieved in a few days or in a few weeks.

To begin with here is how you will get the right content for the right channel?

  •  Identify and analyze your audience – Depending upon your products and services, you should be able to figure out the type of audience the content is likely to attract and vice versa. This means you should gauge what type of content will engage your audience in the best possible manner.
  • Content Sharing – Understanding the requirement of the audience is very essential. You should be able to pick up a couple of topics which are definitely going to be useful to the viewers and engage them effectively. The content sharing bag should be a mix of information which is purposeful and interesting to know about. It is crucial that the content curator should carry a tag which is identifiable with his/her expertise in that particular area – labeling himself/herself as a critic, an expert, a professional etc works wonderfully when stating the authority of the writer.
  • Quality Content – As a content curator, your aim should be to dish out impeccable quality content. Once the readers begin to appreciate your content, it is likely to be more shared and re-shared; attracting more clicks, recommendations and even support, which is very much desired. Remember, your intention is to offer useful and genuine content and create a lasting impression in minds of the readers.
  • Be consistent in curating – Well, you need to be active on a regular basis as this helps you to stay visible in the limelight within the circle of like minded people. Also, make it point to share relevant content and you can stand by what you state. If you are an expert in handling small and mid size businesses, stick to them. No point in talking or relating to large corporate entities to which you are never close to.
  • Content Sharing through personal level – When sharing content through social media and other channels, remember it is ‘YOU” in the picture and not your corporate entity. Social media is associated with interactions amongst individuals at a social level and not with corporate logos/brands. Simultaneously, you should be aware of the various channels through which the content is curated or shared. It is essential to spread out this content in the right manner for maximum viewership and benefits. Mind you, content can be spread over various other channels such as through emails, web and across social networks.
  • Social Networks – Popular social networking websites as Google Plus, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter are frequently visited in large numbers by active users, by default become the best channels for propagating content. In fact, these networks enjoy live viewership and accelerate the content sharing process. This strategy works well with brands that are out to capture large audiences.
  • Web Based Content Channels – Most popular ones like storify,, are ideal for sharing within a smaller audience. If you choose these channels, it is important to stay active and supplement the same through third party sources for enhancing the engagement figures. Be careful not to keep talking all by yourself but instead get third party followers through likes and shares which subtly reflect your authority and expertise. In fact, the content curated by you should encourage subscriptions which will help you increase to your target base to a great extent.
  • Content Curation through Email – This initiative could be followed at a secondary stage wherein followers receive daily/regular emails relating to the stories shared within your social network. This works provided you have an established base of followers and enjoy an active presence across social networks.

Most of the followers believe in the mantra ‘Find something good, share it’ which they follow with great intent. This certainly helps them in curating content in the best possible manner.


Though seemingly simple, content curation requires insight into nature or subject of business you are promoting, key understanding of the audience which you already have or are likely to have. It involves organizing and sharing purposeful information which relates an authentic and trustworthy entity.

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