Difference between B2B And B2C Content Marketing

By Team Logicserve

  • January 1, 2015,

B2B Vs B2C Content @LogicserveDigi

When you are curating content, the strategies aren’t same for one and all. There is a lot of difference in the way you craft content for B2B as compared to B2C. Let us take a look at the details of the same.

The Difference In Target Base

As B2B and B2C cater to different segments of customers, you have to keep this in mind when you are making the content for these organizations. B2B refers to business to business dealings and thus the content which you craft needs to be such that it applies to all the major business brands that are your main targets.

You have to be more factual and load your content with details that are straight and to the point. When business organizations want to engage in business with you, they will need hard core facts and core technical details that have to do with your business. This makes it important for your content to be much more technical than creative.

B2C organizations on the other hand aim at targeting the end consumers. Here your content has to be creative and catchy such that you can attract the attention of the customers. Customers need not be fed a huge amount of technical details or even facts and figures. All that is desired from you is the fact that your content should be catchy enough to entice users to read it and then lead to the desired call to action as well.

The different challenges

The challenges which you are going to face as B2B or even B2C organization are going to differ a great deal.



– Those organizations that work on B2B framework generally do not have extremely rigid budget issue. However, they face the issue of producing enough content. The type and amount of business which they are catering to may differ significantly and winning over the different business bodies isn’t easy.

– As the other business bodies are also skilled in their field, one has to produce ample content which is crisp and loaded with all the factual details and researched statistics which will convince the businesses.



– On the other hand, when we are talking of content marketing strategies for B2C business, we often find budget to be a strict issue. Most of these firms do not have a lot of budget for the sake of content marketing because winning over customers through content is just one facet of their business.

-The budget needs to be invested in various other places which make it hard to excel in content marketing.

These are the main differences in content marketing. While the main methods may remain the same, there are differences in the way content marketing has to be approached.



So, one should not get complacent and it is important to understand the details of the target base, the focus of the firm, the needs of the business and then the right strategies and methods should be executed so that one can get the befitting results. Content marketing must be done in the best way to achieve the highest output.


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