Digital Media Update For The Week

By Team Logicserve

  • October 28, 2016,

Logicserve Digital brings to you a curated round-up of important digital marketing updates this week. For further queries, you can write to us at:

Twitter will shut down its 6-second video service, Vine

Vine launched in January 2013 and was Twitter’s early foray into digital video. When Vine debuted, mobile video wasn’t really a thing.

Bing Ads rolls out a new, more comprehensive campaign setup process

Bing Ads has updated the campaign creation workflow; it’s now designed to make it easier for advertisers to get campaigns set up and activated.

Precise Targeting With Lookalike Audience On Facebook

The best part about Facebook advertising are the targeting parameters. These parameters are diverse and provide data that is useful for brands for advertising.

This is Jamboard, Google’s new 4K digital whiteboard

Google’s newest gadget is for your office: Today, the company is announcing Jamboard, a new cloud-connected digital whiteboard that hooks into its “G Suite” of apps for corporate customers.

Pull live inventory data from your product database and place it in your search ad copy

Incorporating live inventory and pricing data into your ads is an interesting concept and something many companies would like to implement within their search ad text (not talking about Shopping ads or PLAs).

Create Lead Generation Ads Through Facebook

When you log onto your page, do you see a notification springing up regularly about a new advancement in your ads manager or power editor? With needs and demanding to change every time, it has been essential for Facebook to be updated and provide something new to brands and their clients.

Bing Ads releases Expanded Text Ads globally

Advertisers can now set up and launch the longer text ad format in the web UI or the Bing Ads Editor or via the Bing Ads API.

Mobile Ads Need an Update. Programmatic Native Could Be the Answer.

Brands have done a good job adapting content experiences for mobile devices—but advertising hasn’t kept up.

It’s scary how many ways SEO can go wrong

We’ve all had those moments of absolute terror where we just want to crawl into the fetal position, cry and pretend the problem doesn’t exist.


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