Do influencer recommendations really influence you?

By Team Logicserve

  • February 13, 2019,
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Influencer marketing has been used as an efficient medium by a lot of brands to reach out to their audiences and promote their offerings. With an abundance of influencers out there in the market catering to the similar set of audiences, it is worth wondering how many users actually rely on their recommendations. Let’s begin with knowing about your views on this.

Do you prefer to buy products/services recommended by influencers?

Also, here’s a quick look at last week’s survey results where we asked people about their purchase habit.

Well, the chart above says it all.

  • Around 97% of the respondents prefer to read reviews before they make a decision of buying or not buying a new product
  • A very small segment of respondents (2.97%) do not really read any reviews
  • In today’s digital era, a lot of information is easily available on the internet. Also, there are multiple options available for various products these days from old as well as newer brands. Guess people want to ensure that the products they are planning to buy fulfil all the requirements they have set and hence read the reviews to make informed decisions.
  • With regards to the people who don’t read reviews, maybe they are very clear about what they want to buy or don’t really find the reviews useful. There are multiple possibilities though. However, the number is not too large to be of great concern.

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