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  • February 3, 2009,

Search Engine Marketing involves changes to be done in the right way at the right time. Here, a good seo needs to have the ability and the vision to read the minds of the buyer with clarity and distinctness. With may be experience and practice a seo, can clearly predict what the buyers are looking out for and at the same time show what they exactly wish to buy for on the computer screen.

All changes though seemingly minor are extremely vital in pushing forth the targeted keywords to highly successful bided words and thus a highly successful marketing campaign. Generating reports on the basis of old keywords, new keywords, geographic location wise and any other change in trend irrespective of the degree of significance is of utmost importance…. these help in understanding the market and the forces which affect its behavior, which in turn go a long way in influencing the social media marketing strategy

With regards to ecommerce sites product description when displayed with product images works best and proves to be a good decision making tool. This effort not only leads to display of vital product information but enables the viewer to quickly compare two similar products.

Another critical point to make note of here is the display of items on the page should be crystal, clear and in uniform manner. Use of clear cut shapes and designs and use of few colors go a long way in enhancing the look of the product page.

Similarly the flow or the navigation of the website should be the user friendly to the highest degree. The user should in no way feel blocked or have reached a dead end while browsing for a product.

The final process of the viewer involves in purchasing a product online. The steps involved in him registering his/her choice and providing the essential personal details should be minimal and quick. At no point should he feel disinterested and bored, making him leave the payment procedure halfway.

E commerce sites are very much going to rule the market scene. For any marketing campaign on the Internet, what is crucial is an accurate understanding consumer behavior, a high degree of navigation within the website and constant reviewing of changing consumer behavior.

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