Everything you need to know about view through conversions

By Team Logicserve

  • November 24, 2016,

View through conversions measures the performance of your display campaigns i.e. people who saw your ad on display network websites but did not click on your ad.


It is crucial to consider view through conversions because it helps to monitor the indirect value that your Google Display Network Campaigns are delivering. View Through Conversions records the number of conversions that happened within the 30 days window period after a user saw your ad, but did not click on it and resulted in a conversion from some other channel apart from Paid Media i.e. a conversion from Organic, Direct, Referral, etc.

Here are some main advantages of using view-through conversion tracking:-

1. You can identify the list of websites that are generating view through conversions and create placement-targeted campaigns

2. You can optimise your campaign’s performance considering the view through conversions as it is an indirect value add on for your campaigns

3. You can bid more aggressively for the placements that are generating more view through conversions. If the users click your ad and result in a conversion, then this will be reported directly in conversion and not view-through conversions

View-through conversions are tracked through the AdSense cookie, and they’re only reported for Display ads on the Google Content Network. They are not reported for Search Campaigns or text creatives in content campaigns.

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