Facebook Actions – The Quickest Turnaround SEO strategy!!

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  • February 23, 2012,

Facebook Action is a new enhancement launched by Facebook to enable its users across various profiles to state their actions to provide them a further access beyond the standard “like” tab.  This could mean that users can now specify more about their activities and the location which they are in. This is what Facebook Action could imply at the end user level.

But when seen in a different perspective, the Facebook Action does mean a great deal to the business owner and the social media marketers. In fact, it can be a vital component of their social media strategy which could provide them with immense success or even failure.

The Facebook Action allows the users to state their visit to a particular store, market and share their experience which could mean a shopping trip, an eating experience or for that matter whatever activity they could have undertaken. This action of theirs could be viewed by their friends and commented upon. At times, friends could have themselves embarked upon the same activity or a similar one and post it on the Facebook wall which could be again viewed by those in their network circle.

If this Facebook Action enhancement is utilized in the right manner, it has a tremendous potential to bring the desired success or failure to the social media initiative which in turn surely affects the brand or the business owner.

Customer Engagement – Preferences and Trends

For an SEO, utilizing the Facebook Action to suit customer interactions is what takes top priority. It is through this enhancement that acceptance of the brand’s product or service can be judged and thereby portrayed in a manner in which most of the customer’s wish to view it.  Customers are known to prefer just audio or video or a judicious mix of the two when it comes to brand marketing. It would be essential for check out customer preferences and offer the same in order to encourage positive engagement which brings success to the SEO strategy.

Instant Interaction and Direct Channel

Facebook Pages of products and services along with the Action tabs are always directed towards the main website of the business. This provides a platform for both the customers and business owners to interact with each other. With specially developed pages on the business website which relate to Facebook campaigns, the customers can easily arrive here in order to gain more information about the product or service or even place orders. This instant access proves to be vital in customer conversion and retention while providing a channel to satisfy the customer’s request if possible. Even if a single customer visits the business website through the Facebook page or the Action Tab, one can easily expect others to follow suit in the coming times which leads to generation of required web traffic.

Facebook Page and Layout

Facebook allows business owners to design their own page as per their products, services and SEO techniques which in a way give them a great leverage in engaging customers. Customer engagement is one segment of marketing which the business owners would do in consultation of SEO consultants in order to ensure proper web traffic and conversion. At this juncture, the images, video content and the page content should carry apt keywords, meta tags, descriptions and so on in order to entice the customer and increase SERPs to a great extent.

Facebook and its Action Tab are indeed well developed tools which prove to be a vital channel for reaching across customers and enhancing the online presence as well as prospects of the business. In order to capitalize business prospects through this channel, it becomes extremely essential to hire professional SEO companies who are experts in handling social media campaigns.

In India, social media activities and SEO campaigns are being increasingly preferred for enhancing a business’s online presence and reach. It will be quite easy to locate an SEO Company India which is equally proficient in planning Facebook strategies and related social media campaigns and gain considerable web traffic and online business that too in a well planned and phased out manner.

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