Facebook Has A ‘List’ Option Now To Encourage More Interaction

By Logicserve News Desk

  • February 22, 2018,

Facebook has already shown their clear intentions to make some valuable changes in their social media platform. Moving forward in that direction, there is a new update called ‘list’.

The list option has been designed to make updates easier and more engaging for the users. A user gets to pick a list from multiple list options available. That list helps in updating status with more appeal. The features of list option also include multiple coloured templates, number of items, ability to include emojis and others.

Why this new upgrade?

With time, the list comments have become really popular among the social media users. People make customised lists in their status along with pictures and other content. That popularity has made it essential for Facebook to help users with what they want. This is another step of Facebook towards revising the algorithms and upgrading tools for the audiences. The idea is to create better interaction opportunities among the Facebook users.

Can it be helpful for businesses?

Yes. This new list option can become a great asset for the businesses as well. For instance, companies can make creative lists of their products and promote them on Facebook. Presenting the business insights will also become convenient with the list option. With that, businesses can obtain more interactions and understand more about their audiences. So, marketers, advertisers and business owners, they all have a chance to get benefited from this new change.

Here are all of the ways the new list option can help businesses.

  1. Better branding opportunities

Brands have a chance to enhance their value with conversation driving lists. They can provide a list of their new arrivals and present them publicly to generate excitement.

  1. Influencer marketing opportunities

For businesses, this list option can open gates for better influencer marketing. Providing valuable lists related to industry, product or services, companies can attract the attention of the influencers. This will help in creating more engagement. More influencers will start commenting on such lists, which will improve the opportunity to increase awareness, consumer reach, and authority.

  1. Local business promotion

Facebook has proven to be a reliable platform to market local businesses. And this new upgrade can add to that. Local businesses can get more engagement with the lists created by the consumers. For instance, a local restaurant can get more promotion if a person creates a list of top local restaurants. Encouraging such lists would become helpful for the local businesses to find visibility without spending too much.

What about pure engagement purpose?

In terms of pure engagement, the tool has potential too. People have the opportunity to share their plans, favourites and other lists. This presents the chance for other people to share their thoughts, which can enhance the engagement of Facebook users.

All the mentioned factors present an enormous potential of this new upgrade on Facebook. However, the future will present a clear picture of how this list option works out. Right now, both businesses and general users are feeling excited about this new upgrade.

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