News : Facebook India has 93M active users and about 73M access from mobile

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  • February 5, 2014,

While Facebook steps into its 10th year, the India team has released a few stats on penetration and usage of Facebook in the Indian market. A report released by them states that 93M users are active on Facebook and over 73 million access the social networking site, through their mobiles.

Some other trends :

  1. There has been an increase in the users accessing Facebook through mobile over the last six months. The numbers have risen from 62 million in Q3 to 73 million Q4.
  2. Overall, mobile has about 556 million users in Q4 a rise from 507 million in Q3

LogicSpeak :

Facebook has seen a steady growth since its launch in India. This is a good news for digital marketers. The recent testing that Facebook is undertaking for its mobile apps, will help the digital marketers take complete advantage of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

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