Facebook Introduces Branded Content Tags With New Proviso For Misuse

By Logicserve News Desk

  • February 1, 2018,

Facebook has emerged as one of the most compelling, efficient, and dynamic platforms for business marketing. If you plan to catapult your venture to great heights, Facebook will certainly play a crucial role. As one of the most popular and remarkable social platforms, Facebook has conceptualised and rolled out a new feature.

The company dropped restrictions on ‘branded content’ and rolled out a unique tagging system. Let’s take a look at the new offering by Facebook and how it works towards eliminating misuse.

What is branded content tags?

When it comes to ensuring effective influencer marketing, nothing more than the Branded Content Tags work. They enable better influencer marketing, assure increased transparency, and help in sponsoring partnerships. Endorsements can be paid promotions too, and it’s imperative to differentiate them. It’s here that the new tagging system rolled out by Facebook will work wonders!

If we take a look at what statistics have to reveal about the issue, here’s what we can come across. The number of publishers and creators have increased at an exponential rate. The total number has grown 4-fold over the last one year. However, before moving into further discussions, it would be crucial to understanding the concept.

What are the highlights?

The process of using or leveraging the ‘branded content tags’ is simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward. The sponsor gets into an alliance or simply put, makes a deal with the relevant Page. The relevant page gets added as a tag to posts created by the sponsor.

In spite of the straightforward and transparent process, branded content tags can be confusing too. The term isn’t that clear and might lead to ambiguity and confusion. Let’s find out.

What’s a branded content?

The term ‘branded content tags’ don’t lead to anything definite. If you are trying to deduce the meaning by performing a critical analysis of the term ‘branded content’, you are on the right track. The term refers to videos, articles, and other content that brand owners get created from publishers. Brands pay publishers to get these ads posted appropriately.

Although the theoretical description says it all, we must take a look at the concept’s implementation in actual practice. In reality, branded contents can be any of these types:

  • A simple video or article created by a publisher.
  • It can also be a link to the page of the product. You can check the e-commerce site of the brand and find out.
  • The policy is quite essential and happens to be a great move towards the development of effective digital marketing.

Identifying the violations

Facebook also has ways and means to detect the violations in the policy. The entire feature or service should be under control, and it won’t be tough to identify the pain points. The platform relies on some of the unique and strong signals that tell your ad’s performance. The system is strong enough to recognise the critical errors and relationship between two pages.

Keep these aspects in mind, and that will accelerate the process of preventing misuse. Facebook had always been associated with effective business marketing, and that’s where the new feature can help you!

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