Facebook launches Sponsored Results Search Ads

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  • August 28, 2012,

With an intention to take online advertising to the next level, Facebook recently launched Sponsored Results Search Ads. These ads will largely target Facebook pages, apps and places. The ads will not be mixed with the organic searches but will instead appear right at the top of the search results. According to Facebook, “Sponsored Results Search Ads feature is an effective way to popularize your page or an app that you intend to promote. The first ones to use this brand new advertising format include Marvel, King.com, Kixeye, Zynga, Disney and Match.com. So far, a handful of users have reported seeing the ads.

Many believe that an additional advertising module may turn a bit annoying. However, by offering users options to hide or rate the content as offensive, it seems like sponsored results may not be a hindrance at all. The user can dismiss the ad by clicking on the ‘close’ button located at the top-right corner of the search result. Once you have dismissed the ad, you then need to choose the reason for your dislike in the pop up that appears. Sponsored ads are presently not available in France. So, if you are planning to target the French audiences using the module, you may probably have to wait for a while.

The Sponsored ads feature was first tested with a handful of advertisers who were bidding for each other’s apps. For now the ads only support optimized CPM and CPC bids. The bid starts at $0.01 for advertisers using the ad feature for entities that they are already promoting. The bid for other Facebook entities starts at $0.15.

The search result for sponsored ads is not based on generic keywords, but instead needs to be company or brand name specific. A sponsored ad will just be like any other ad that you come across while you are on Facebook. So, the new ad module probably shouldn’t bother you too much. The new strategy requires the advertisers to battle it out for space and as a result many believe that the ad module like other existing advertising strategies may not be too effective. However, with too little known about the sponsored ad feature at this point of time, it may not be wise to comment on the same.

Before you actually embark on this activity, do note that these sponsored ads are within the Facebook interface and hence quite limited in scope of exposure as compared to Google Ads which are displayed all over the web. At this juncture, Facebook wishes to check out its outreach on a limited scope or rather stay within its purview.

So, if you own a business and planning to further enhance its visibility, a good social media marketing company can help you out in implementing a sponsored ad which will greatly promote your business among a majority of Facebook users.

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