Facebook lifts the option of keeping profiles ‘non-searchable’

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  • October 20, 2013,
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Earlier Facebook had provided users to choose not to be searchable through their profile. This meant that users could trace a person or an acquaintance but the third party trying to locate them could not always be successful. This feature was recently removed.

Initially, the setting was launched when Facebook was a simple networking site operating on social values. The search for people was enabled through clicking a name in the News Feed or through the friend list of a mutual friend. With expansion and progression of Facebook, people reach out to Graph search in order to locate a single person or a particular group having similar interests.

This feature made it even more essential to control the personal privacy factor of an individual or a group of people especially their Timeline and the public access to it. This development was very crucial to people who have a very popular personal profile and enjoy a higher search percentage as compared to regular or normal people.

Once again, Facebook urges its viewers to exercise more control and caution over what they post and with whom they can share their post with. This can be done by visiting the privacy settings page of their account. The users should try to share the post with a limited audience, especially their trusted group of people with whom they have had previous shares and likes.

Emphasizing on these parameters, each user can control his/her profile in a better and a reliable manner –

Share posts with people who would like reading or knowing about your post. Each and every post can be controlled with regards to its display.

Refer to the Activity Log and reorganize it as per your preferences which include posts and images which you no longer wish to share or display. This can be done by changing their privacy status. If done regularly, this exercise works wonders for the profile and ensures it stays updated always.

You could even communicate with your friends with regards to information, posts and images relating to you but shared by them requesting them to remove them, if you wish so. By all means, you could seek out the reporting feature available in the Activity Log to do so. On the overall, these attempts of shielding personal facts and images from the eyes of the audience makes one think twice of its very presence on Facebook.


Understanding the parameters sounds easy but implementing it could be time consuming and slightly tougher proposition. For social media specialists this will be a big boon to target a wider range of consumers, if their strategies are placed right.

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