Facebook making small yet impactful changes to its platforms

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 22, 2018,

Facebook is making small yet definite changes as per the shifting business landscape and evolving customer preferences. These changes are visible across a multitude of applications like the Facebook site itself, Messenger, as well as Instagram.

Today, we will look at some exciting updates happening on Facebook front.

1. Stricter ad quality control

Advertisers who used to get away with low ad quality in the past are going to find it difficult to continue with such ads. Facebook has enforced stricter policies around the quality and disruptive nature of the content served on ads. This page shows a list of do’s and don’ts for using ads that link to external landing pages or have deceptive ads. Advertisers who used to have a high ratio of ads versus the content displayed are also penalised.

2. Messenger visual updates

It has been reported that the Messenger application has gone through minor updates to its interface. In addition to stickers, gifs, and emojis, users can now also add ‘effects’ to their new message being composed on the interface. Currently, it is unclear how the ‘effects’ tab will actually work, but some days down the line, we can expect some tinkering to be done by the users and updates shared online about the same.

3. Instagram Quick Reaction now available to all

Facebook had rolled out the ‘Reactions’ feature to allow Facebook users to share your response to the content being shown in their feed. Some time back the same feature debuted on Instagram as ‘Quick Reactions’ and was made available for beta testing. It seems that now the feature has been rolled out to all users as of this week.

4. Stories get a new look

Facebook has taken a slew of steps in the past to ensure that the Stories section continues gaining traction among users. Even this month there was a small visual update. The People tab in the Messenger is now revamped to display a two-line presentation for each of the users shown in that tab. It will now mimic the current layout followed by the Chat tab inside the Messenger.

5. Facebook job tools

The social media giant has also rolled out an improved version of the Facebook Job tools. This helps employers to better find temp and seasonal hires for the upcoming rush Holiday season in the US. This will help them manage job applications and get a higher volume of response to job ads

6. Facebook Archive Report

US Facebook users who are interested in politics and issues of national importance now get their own central repository in the form of the Facebook Archive Report, a publicly available database. This will help them find information like the total number of ads and their advertising costs.

These are some of the changes that are going to have a definite impact on the way users interact with the brand. It will also make life easier for advertisers who wish to promote their business online.

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