Facebook rolls out 3D posts and here’s all you need to know about it

By Logicserve News Desk

  • June 15, 2018,


Facebook has emerged as one of the leading platforms for effective business marketing today. This popular social media platform gives ample reasons to promote, popularise, and sell your brand. That’s not all; content consumption and user experiences have got new connotations with FB’s recent developments. The platform has always come up with innovative ideas when it comes to introducing new marketing concepts.

Even a few years back, users couldn’t imagine the emergence of immersive, real-life, and three-dimensional promotional approaches. However, FB seems to have made a paradigm shift with some of the notable discoveries in this regard.

Introducing 3D posts

With FB rolling out features like text-oriented status updates, relatable videos, memes, FB Live, and FB Immersive Canvas, the arrival of something more significant was much awaited.

Here’s the good news for users, FB followers, fanatics, social media enthusiasts, and brand owners. The platform has added a new member to its suite of immersive features, and that’s known as FB 3D posts. If you wish to take interactions to an entirely new level, this particular feature will give you ample opportunities to do so.

Things to know

Before you start working with the feature or develop an acquaintance with it, knowing about its functionalities and features will be crucial. With the arrival of 3D posts, individuals can view a product and interact with it from all the sides. Users can start interacting with the product in ‘Facebook News Feed’ by clicking and dragging the image.

Quite naturally, some of the well-known and market-leading brands are leveraging this particular feature to the tee. Since they are figuring out ways and means to make their content attractive as well as appealing to target consumers, 3D posts can be highly beneficial to them.

Identifying the functionalities

The emergence and introduction of this latest innovation took place on 20th February, when FB announced its support for 3D posts through the industry-specific glTF 2.0 format. It is this particular format that enhances functionality thus allowing artists to create high-quality three-dimensional posts with advanced textures, lighting, and unique rendering.

One can also share their 3D posts through graph API. Developers can integrate the 3D sharing feature into an application, thus helping individuals share captivating, immersive, and realistic posts with a single click.

The marketing point of view

Whether it’s a bunch of snapshots clicked with a camera or a product for the target audiences, this particular feature rolled out by FB will bring everything to life. Sharing immersive experiences has become easier, and quite a few business marketers are striving hard to make the most of it.

We are living in a world where AR and VR have become integral parts of one’s life. People are always looking for realistic experiences and there’s no denying that they are thirsty for immersive viewing. With 3D posts, marketers and product developers have the chance to present their items in a never-seen-before way. Quite naturally, that will accelerate their bottom lines and take the venture ahead of the growth curve.

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