Facebook’s coming up with a new influencer platform to expand collaboration options

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 24, 2018,



The market is brimming with influencers these days. Sensing the immense scope in this, Facebook – known for foreseeing trends sooner than others – is now trying to come up with new ways to attract more influencers to its network. This is primarily luring for Video publishers, but a platform for influencers would be welcomed warmly nonetheless.

The most influential social media platform is now working on ways to create a new influencer marketplace platform, which aims at enabling brands to find the right influencers based on their brand specifications and requirements. This not only gives influencers a broader arena to be noticed by businesses across the world but also makes it easier for brands to hunt for influencers. They would then arrange for deals that will benefit both, the influencer and the brand. It would be quite a win-win situation.

The platform has definite targeting details on a panel that is placed on the left side of the screen. It is here that you can target the audience you would want to reach. This targeting can be narrowed down on the basis of location, age, gender, education and various other filters. Once you have mentioned what chunk of audience you intend to target, the dashboard will work its magic and provide you with a list of registered influencers whose audiences match to those that you have mentioned. That is not all as it would also display the specific engagement of the influencer with their audiences and give you the follower statistics for each of the influencer. You then have the ability to get in touch with the influencer and perhaps strike a deal with them.

The progress on this frontier is steady, and it is still in the test mode. But once it is up and running, the process of this platform would only make it easier for brands to expand their social media presence through marketing, or influencer marketing to be more precise. This has come in really handy to businesses as the News Feed changes in the current algorithm of Facebook reduced the reach of Page Content.

Though the making of this platform is still in the testing mode, there remains a lot to be explored about the efficiency of this platform. It is speculated that this platform will most likely partner with Facebook’s Creator App which was launched last year. This would be done to list registered influencers who are willing to collaborate with brands. However, it is still not very clear whether Facebook would be verifying the influencers list to avoid potential authenticity concerns.

This is seemingly a very logical move by Facebook as it hasn’t really provided any distinct way for influencers/creators to make money on the social media platform. Though they have options like Live Stream Tipping and ad breaks while watching videos, they aren’t as creator-centric as YouTube where they can make money.

The nature of this platform is quite akin to Facebook Watch – which was their attempt to channel YouTube videos on the platform. However, they have reduced the outlay of this because they intend to invest into building a more self-sustaining content system via revenue ad-sharing.

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