Factors for Content Customisation

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  • November 7, 2013,
Factors for content customisation @Logicserve Digi

Factors for content customisation @Logicserve Digi

Keeping on par with the current digital marketing trends, content marketing is considered to be a relied upon channel to connect with the audiences in a great way. You too, must be judiciously posting Facebook posts along with blogs, articles, infographics and much more. But have you ever wondered how much it is really viewed, read and imbibed in by the readers or maybe they are getting lost in content overload which could be happening across your profile.

With great efforts put in to develop quality content which needs to be read but prove useful to the audience, it becomes essential to strategize content as well as its marketing in depth for best results. We present a few key insightful pointers for guiding you across the content related strategies.

Viewership Base – With in depth knowledge of your business and its nature, you need to arrive at list of content which could prove useful to your customers whilst they use/prefer/enjoy your products and services. Identifying the most preferred content from contextual, videos, forums, blogs and then developing them for use is what makes your brand more marketable and enhances its visibility.

Bear in mind – The usability of the article is more important rather than have a keyword rich article

Compareraja, one of our brands is a product and price comparison portal enjoying a tech friendly viewership base. It posts blogs highlighting the specifications and USP of latest mobiles, smartphones and tablets on a regular basis. This helps the user, in his research stage to finalise his choice about the product he wishes to purchase. Check it out at https://www.compareraja.com/blog/

Viewership Trends and Preferences – You need to be very careful in choosing the right channel from the available ones as you proceed to distribute your content across them. As each channel has a niche membership base which is distinct. At the same time, you need to understand the fact that an individual has a channel specific profile and would view your content in a similar manner.

Amongst the most popular channels we have today,

  1. Facebook is ideal for sharing creative images and experiences.
  2. Linkedin, a slightly formal and professional channel can be used for promoting corporate styled slideshows and presentations.
  3. Twitter is preferred for exchanging hot ideas and trends, ideal for announcing promos and deals which need to be shared instantly
  4. Google + allows an exchange of ideas and views to take place across its platform

Extent of Measurability – To a certain extent, content marketing can be measured through Tweets, page views, number of downloads but when considered against the cost of generation content and its marketing, a set of specially set parameters could come handy in determining its effectiveness. Each of these aspects varies, depending on what you wish to measure. The same applies for other services you avail for your business’s promotion.

Search Engines and their Algorithms – Keep track of current search algorithms and try to modify your content marketing strategies. With most of the search engines emphasizing on organic search results, the content should revolve around viewer friendly information. E.g Adding information about famous local cuisines or a famous dish of your restaurant.


Customisation is the key to get any content strategy successful. One needs to understand the channels and the type of content that works for their audiences in each of these channels and their responses. As shared, the usability of the generated content, matters more than the keyword rich content.

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