Fighting out Pay Per Click Myths

By admin

  • March 31, 2008,

Pay per click is an important tool of Internet marketing. A keyword optimized and cleverly set budget can see through a great online business. But there are myths attached the pay per click approach –

  • Number one page rank is the best

Pay per click is about conversions and ROI. Being number one is a waste if it does not fetch you good click-through rate and eventually conversions.

  • The natural page rankings are affected by pay per click

The ad text displayed does not act as anchor text; it only is an advertising punch.

  • Pay per click only helps major businesses

This is far from fact as small business really benefits from pay per click through good campaign and landing page design.

  • Pay per click is a short term tool

If PPC is promoting your company well with good ROI then it can be for keeps.

  • Pay per click is not a life long process

With constantly evolving business needs; pay per click requires constant monitoring, change and hence regular optimisation.

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