Four Brands using Facebook Marketing for their Benefits – Part 2

By Team Logicserve

  • August 11, 2016,
Using Facebook Marketing @LogicserveDigi

Using Facebook Marketing @LogicserveDigi

Our previous post shared examples of two brands that are making optimim use of Facebook marketing, to establish an audience connect.  Here are the other two you must check, to know what works for them


Total Fans: 9151208

Fastrack stays true to its tagline “Move On.” An early adopter of social media, Fastrack has managed to deliver quality content, engaging campaigns and build a strong online community. With their experimental and innovative approach, Fastrack has managed to use Facebook for increasing its revenue. Essentially a youth brand with a target audience of 15-25 year olds, Fastrack is a community of over 9 million fans with a monthly engagement of close to 170,000. The current content theme revolves around “Travelers” which is also in sync with its ongoing TVC campaign.

Facebook Marketing @logicserveDigi

Fastrack majorly uses Facebook for product promotion and awareness. The brand interacts with its audience through posts and comments resolving queries pertaining to the product. However, almost all interactions lead the user to the website leaving any room for real conversation between the users and the brand.


Total Fans: 7345856

The King of good times is also the king of social media in the beverage section. Kingfisher’s online community is 6 times bigger than its nearest competitor. As compared to other sectors, alcohol brands have always struggled to grow their community at a faster rate in India. The reason for this could be the culture and the fact that people do not like to publicize their association with alcohol. It is interesting to note how Kingfisher managed to lead this race with a greater margin. Most brands in India rely heavily on Cricket and Bollywood as the main component to connect with the audience. Kingfisher takes a similar route and makes it relevant. The content theme is a mix of party, music, good times and lots of sports. With the ongoing IPL season, the page is filled with real-time posts and videos from the live matches.

kingfisher social network @LogicserveDigi

Simultaneously, Kingfisher also runs offline engagement mapped with online activities. One such ongoing campaign is #KFCBowlOut. As seen on the page, users are also posting their photos from the stadium.

kingfisher social media @LogicserveDigi

When it comes to consumer interaction, Kingfisher’s Facebook page receives over 160000 monthly engagements. At this stage, Kingfisher is doing everything right with its content and campaign. Without having to hard sell any products, Kingfisher has managed to create a huge community, effectively engage with them and set a benchmark for other brands in alcohol sector.


Based on above learning, what accounts for a successful Facebook marketing strategy?

  1. Relevant Content – Make sure the content is relevant to the audience as well as the brand.
  2. Interesting Campaigns – Engage the audience in fun and interactive campaigns. Gratify them for their interaction with the brand.
  3. Response Management – Tap into the right conversations and convert them into leads. Every fan is a potential consumer.
  4. Paid Campaigns – None of the above brands managed to build a large community with an organic strategy. At some point, every brand has to have a paid campaign strategy. Reach out to the correct audience and engage them with interesting content and campaigns.


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