Four significant points to consider when using AdRoll

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  • November 17, 2016,

Four significant points to consider when using AdRoll @LogicserveDigi

AdRoll uses excellent features to attract new prospects and convert them into customers. While not limiting their services to these two steps alone, they look into ways to maximize customer value further. However, we need to understand how to use this platform resourcefully that can help us at creating larger impressions and an increased ROIs while concurrently reducing CPCs and CPAs.

1) Periodic Ad-Revision

It is in our basic human tendency to parade attention towards evolvement. What does not change for a long time loses interest radically. Constant modernization and creative content addition is a requisite which can perk up the CTR, lowering costs significantly. More so, AdRoll algorithm is developed in a way to favour during their auction, the ads that were updated recently.

As seen in the below diagram, on the AdRoll interface, under Ads, the proportion between impressions and CPCs can help identify ads that are in a need for new content.

adroll campaign@LogicserveDigi


2) Limit Over-Segmentation

Segmentation is required to attract potential customers, however; over-segmenting in campaigns can cause limitation in your reach. It needs to be understood that when dealing with campaigns that generously target mass audiences, the algorithm will work better. In harmony with the company policy, it is imperative that advertisers distinguishably create product groups/programs targeting different set of campaigns.

3) Appropriate CPA-Creation

On account creation with AdRoll, advertisers provide a targeted CPA which acts as the goal for AdRoll’s algorithm influencing performance drastically. It is necessary that the CPA is in line with your campaign and secondly if you run several campaigns it is important that you keep a constant track on the CPA goals you provided earlier on during account creation.

adroll cpa objectives @LogicserveDigi


As an ideal example below, CPA predefined at $45, is seen lower than this value for the past one month.

adroll multiple campaigns @LogicserveDigi


In the below account, there are multiple campaigns listed with their specific set conversion volume goals. In the first campaign, it is noted that CPA is far greater than the $45 goal, which means that it needs to be revisited to set a more realistic number. After increasing it to $70, it is expected that the impressions will increase which will lead to better metric calculations.

adroll conversions @LogicserveDigi


AdRoll uses View-through Conversions (VTC) and Click-through Conversions (CTC) for CPA calculations. If you credit AdRoll with CTC alone, ensure that the goal CPA is low enough so that it can align well with your targets.

4) Revisit Your Visitor Segments

You need to ensure that you segment visitors based on their behaviour and while creating visitor segments, you are as general as possible. This approach helps the AdRoll algorithm to work efficiently and saves advertisers a lot of time.

The picture beneath shows a good example of little but clear segmentation (here, the highest level URL is used):

adroll user segment @LogicserveDigi


The picture below exhibits a bad example of segmentation given that this will require the advertiser to specify each page that the target audience could be viewing:

adroll new user segment @LogicserveDigi


The above mentioned recommendations are beneficial for new AdRoll users and will help them use their features better effectively.

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