Four Things You should Know to be Successful in Your Career by NC Narayanan

By Team Logicserve

  • November 17, 2014,

LogicTalk--NC-Narayanan @LogicserveDigi

This time our LogicTalk had a special guest. Mr. NC Narayanan who is a six sigma trainer also coaches CEOs across various industries. In the course of the interaction there were four vital learning that stayed with Logimates along with some laughter.

  • Technical skills cannot take you beyond a point of growth.

He cited an anecdote from his experience of growing from a typist to a designer and the road ahead. He learnt that, once you grow to a certain point your technical skill gets saturated. A successful person looks beyond these skills to grow in a company.

  • Higher your ‘personal equity’, higher is your possibility of growth in the organisation

Personal equity, simply put, is the value we add to the company. With just technical skills personal equity reaches only one level of growth. He proved this theory with another example of a CEO’s role in the company. A CEO looks at the future or the way ahead of the company. The timeframe we value also adds to personal equity. A person, who lives in the past, cannot contribute much either to self growth or organisation’s growth compared to the ones in present or future.

  • For increasing personal equity, Emotional Quotient (EQ) becomes more important than Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

In the course of his 42 year work experience, Mr. Narayanan learnt that giving and growing are synonymous to each other. If you want to increase your personal equity you have to manage a team of people. The way a person behaves determines his growth in the organisation.

  • Tips to increase personal equity
  1. Personal branding

You have to be aptly presentable and groom yourself intellectually and otherwise. Our presentation skills matter more than we think. For e.g. you need to be careful about how you talk, walk or dress up while in meetings or otherwise.

  1. Emotional branding

The way how you handle your emotions matter a lot. The way how you articulate your thoughts, maintain temper and react to bad news says a lot about your emotional branding.

  1. Intellectual branding

One should constantly read; keep themselves updated with the current scenarios. One should always seek learning.

  1. Spiritual branding

You should always introspect on what kind of person are you? How reliable are you?

Your reliability displays your character

He ended the discussion with a point that made us ponder over the way ahead.

There are two types of people.

  1. Those who accept everything given to them
  2. Those that create their own way


So which one are you?

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