Introducing the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, for a faster, open mobile web

By Tejas Thakkar

  • October 27, 2015,

Mobile has taken center stage when it comes to browsing online. Smartphones and tablets have made it incredibly easy for users to access internet and the information they want. For content publishers and advertisers this offered an opportunity. They can now share their carefully created content to their readers but the problem they all faced was not able to give their visitors great experience on mobile. Any webpage that was needed to be accessed was too heavy to load on their screen whereas some were incredibly difficult to navigate due to the limited visibility on mobile screens.

Google-New-Update @LogicserveDigi

This not only resulted in bad experiences for your traffic but also loss of advertising money. Obviously with a disrupted consumer journey, your ads will not be properly shown, you will not be able to earn money.

To help content publishers, marketers and webmasters, Google has announced a new initiative by the name of Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is an open source program where you can now work on creating better experiences on mobile web. Google which is now openly supporting mobile optimized websites has turned attention to the problems faced by webmasters.

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Through Accelerated Mobile Pages, you can now create better optimized pages for mobile devices where you can share better content like animation, graphics and videos. What’s more is that you can also work with the code to create better ads and help the page load faster. But the best thing about the initiative is that the code will allow you to create a singular page that will work on any device whether it’s a tablet or a phone. This means webmasters will only have to code once, fast and quickly.

The project is based on AMP HTML which is a new open source framework that was created on current web technologies that are being used to create lighter, faster web pages.

Currently, Google states only 30 publishers across the globe have started using the code and soon Google will be using the code for Google News. Google announced that its other products will also start using the code to offer better experiences to its users.

google News @LogicserveDigi

Twitter, WordPress.Com, Chartbeat, Adobe Analytics, and LinkedIn are going to be among the first ones to use the code. These companies are the very first in the technology partners that will be using the AMP HTML pages.

With AMP HTML, Google has just made it very easy for publishers to share content fast, in better ways and using more creative ideas. Above all else, it supports webmasters in showing more effective ads that can help them earn revenue through their content and online presence.


“It has become evident that from now onwards, publishers and digital content assets should quickly learn and adapt to the new open framework – AMP HTML. It has been built entirely out of existing web technologies, thus helping websites built light-weighted webpages. With Google itself promoting content on this new technology and also promising to integrate AMP HTML into Google News, they have surely made the move faster to counter Facebook’s Instant Articles”

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