Google Adds Generative AI Image Creation to Demand Gen Campaigns, Why the shift from ‘conversions’ to ‘key events’ in GA4 is a game-changer, AI assistant enhances data organization efficiency & More…

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  • April 19, 2024,

1.Google Adds Generative AI Image Creation to Demand Gen Campaigns

Google’s adding generative A.I. into another element, with advertisers launching Demand Gen campaigns now able to create visuals for their promotions in-stream. [Source: Social Media Today]

2. Why the shift from ‘conversions’ to ‘key events’ in GA4 is a game-changer

The recent shift from “conversions” to “key events” in (GA4) represents a significant change that digital marketers, especially SEO professionals, need to understand and act on. [Source: Search Engine Land]

3. AI assistant enhances data organization efficiency

The assistant continually learns and adapts to user changes, uses advanced algorithms for personalized service, and handles multiple customer requests. [Source: Digital Marketing News]

4. How CTV Marketers Are Using Gen AI to Improve Contextual Advertising

Using gen AI, marketers can now scan the content of a series and gather more granular metadata, such as program details and closed captioning, to gain a clearer picture of the emotional tenor of a scene. [Source: AD Week]

5. WhatsApp Unveils Exciting New Chat Filters That Help Users Access Important Texts Easily

The company just announced several handy and innovative chat filters seen across the platform that assist users in retrieving important texts with greater ease. [Source: Digital Information World]

6. How Brands Should Be Thinking About Spatial Technology and the Mixed-Reality Future

There are three things brands can and should do today when thinking about mixed reality. Develop a strategy. Consider what you need to do to allow your brand to expand and live in the future via mixed reality. [Source: AD Week]

7. Instagram Is Working On An AI-Powered chatbot That Will Interact With Followers On Behalf Of Influencers

Instagram’s ‘Creator AI’ is currently being tested. This feature is touted to provide AI-driven chatbots to influencers, allowing them to automate direct interactions with their followers. [Source: Mashable India]

8. AI2’s open-source OLMo model gets a more diversified dataset, two-stage curriculum

OLMo is described as a “truly open-source, state-of-the-art large language model.” Its framework includes full pretraining data, training code, model weights, and evaluation. [Source: Venture Beat]

9. How LLMs are ushering in a new era of robotics

With the power of LLMs and multi-modal models, researchers are creating robots that can process natural language commands and accomplish tasks that require complex reasoning.

[Source: Venture Beat]

10. Why small language models are the next big thing in AI

In the AI wars, where tech giants have been racing to build ever-larger language models, a surprising new trend is emerging: small is the new big. [Source: Venture Beat]

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