Google Brings Its Dart Programming Language to App Engine

By Tejas Thakkar

  • December 18, 2014,


At the I/O developer conference which was held earlier this year, one of the remarkable announcements was the news when Google announced that it has plans which indicated that it wanted to support the Dart programming language on app engine.

This news created a lot of buzz as people all over the world got interested in the same. Those who are not aware of what Dart programming language is can have a glance at the following details.

Get Familiar With Dart

Dart is actually an open source web programming language developed by Google. The primary aim of this language was to completely replace the use of JavaScript as the bridge language which is mostly used when people are programming on the open web platform.

It was unveiled in October, 2011 and ended up receiving mixed response. Ever since the announcement was made, people have been waiting for the execution of the plan. It did take longer than expected; however, now Google has finally allowed developers to run the Dart server side application on Google app engine.

An Overview Of Google App Engine

Google app engine is a cloud computing platform which was designed for helping developers host different kind of web applications using Google managed data centers. The app engine helps in automatically allocating a lot of resources to the web application such that it can handle the growing demand of the developers.

When you are using Google app engine, it is free to use up till a certain amount of resources. When your consumption exceeds that level, you will have to pay a certain fee for the same.

Can Dart Become More Popular?

With the use of Dart, it is likely that web developers are going to enjoy a lot more comfort and Google is hopeful that its programming language will be adopted by a larger number of people now. Mainly, it is JavaScript that will be the leading competitor of Dart and so this language will primarily run in the browsers. However, there are reports that the main idea was to make a general purpose programming language which could be used extensively.

Google has also announced that despite bringing in a lot more features and functionalities, they are committed towards improving the language. This is the reason, they have promised that in the time to come, they will continue to work upon Dart support such that they can improve the ease of use and offer better and smarter features.

Currently, this service is available in beta and based upon the type of response they will get, the changes shall be incorporated accordingly. If Google Dart manages to become hugely popular, we can see a fresh and a new wave in the field of web development. So far, JavaScript has been the common standard which everyone has been sticking to.

It remains to be seen as to whether Google will manage to make a dent in the popularity of JavaScript and popularize Dart programming language to an extent that it will look promising.


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