5 major announcements in today’s #GoogleForIndia 2016 event you should know

By Logicserve News Desk

  • September 27, 2016,
googleforindia @LogicserveDigi

googleforindia @LogicserveDigi

Today, at the first session of #Google for India, the growth and scope of using Google products was discussed. Here are five major news that you shouldnโ€™t miss.

1. Google India launches Google Station

How popular is #Railwire?

2. Improving chrome services in India

Also, while searching if you lose connectivity then results will be displayed when user gets connected again. #GoogleForIndia

3. Google Allo โ€“ The Google Assistant will come in Hindi soon

Another feature that you should know is:

4. #YouTubeGo to be launched next year

Check the sign up details below:

5. GoogleDuo โ€“ A video calling app for everyone

Other news:
1. Google provides Indic keyboard for 11 Indian languages
2. Google Tab search for local languages will be provided
3. To sort the connectivity issue, a lite mode will be introduced in search.

Our CEO, Prasad is attending the event, a lover of all things digital, this is what he is up to next:

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