5 major announcements in today’s #GoogleForIndia 2016 event you should know

By Logicserve News Desk

  • September 27, 2016,
googleforindia @LogicserveDigi

googleforindia @LogicserveDigi

Today, at the first session of #Google for India, the growth and scope of using Google products was discussed. Here are five major news that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Google India launches Google Station

How popular is #Railwire?

2. Improving chrome services in India

Also, while searching if you lose connectivity then results will be displayed when user gets connected again. #GoogleForIndia

3. Google Allo – The Google Assistant will come in Hindi soon

Another feature that you should know is:

4. #YouTubeGo to be launched next year

Check the sign up details below:

5. GoogleDuo – A video calling app for everyone

Other news:
1. Google provides Indic keyboard for 11 Indian languages
2. Google Tab search for local languages will be provided
3. To sort the connectivity issue, a lite mode will be introduced in search.

Our CEO, Prasad is attending the event, a lover of all things digital, this is what he is up to next:

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