Google My Business Gets Subjective Attributes Update

By Logicserve News Desk

  • July 5, 2018,

If users are analysing Google My Business, they would’ve noticed an exciting update to the analytics package. Some businesses are now showing ‘subjective attributes’ in My Business insights dashboard. They give qualitative information to users about what the business is known for. This addition is primarily seen for cafes and restaurant businesses currently.

What are subjective attributes?

Any verbatim information that helps give more information about the product, service, servicing quality, facilities, or overall user experience can count as subjective attributes. These characteristics or experiences assigned to the business enable other users to know more about the business. Common attributes worth noting are ‘cozy’ or ‘nice beverages’ or ‘signature dishes’.

It works in a simple way – Google analyses the various subjective comments put by users. It then sees which attributes are commonly / more frequently occurring. It then displays these attributes for others to see. On the business owners’ end, they can see the different attributes posted about their business or brand. This way, they come to know what the customers are thinking about them and their product/services.

Releasing this update on Twitter, Google mentioned that the subjective attributes update provides more information on the insights tab. Customers can choose from a list of attributes – good for groups, good for kids, popular for lunch, casual, popular for dinner, and serves healthy options.

What are objective attributes?

Subjective attributes can be added by the users as they are highly opinion-based. However, there is another set of attributes – objective attributes – which can be added by the businesses themselves. These consist of factors about a product or service and show users what they have/ serve. So if a restaurant doesn’t serve alcohol, it can put it down as an objective attribute, as it is a fact and helps inform the users. Some examples include ‘has Wi-Fi’ or ‘Good for Sports’.

How will it pan out for businesses?

Customers’ opinions are based on the experience they receive at a café or a restaurant. These opinions are hence classified as subjective. Some examples of subjective attributes can be ‘good for groups’, ‘popular with locals’.

Google says that these subjective attributes will remain on a business listing unless proven false. Needless to say, this characteristic is going to have a tremendous impact on the reputation of a business. Businesses will have to be wary and push up the service delivery quality. This way they can hope to earn more positive subjective attributes to be associated with their businesses.

Who is the eventual winner?

It is obviously the end user who is going to use the service of a business establishment or has used it in the recent past. Subjective attributes will expose the user to 3 sets of advantages as below

1. He can see what parameters are in favour of a business establishment

2. He has the power to influence decisions with his opinions (post his experiencing the service)

3. He can make informed buying decisions based on the subjective attributes displayed

What are your views about this exciting new update? Will you be using this facility to know more about the hotel or café you intend to visit in the upcoming days? Do write to us and let us know.

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