Google My Business Now Allows You to Post Videos

By Logicserve News Desk

  • January 18, 2018,

Google announced My Business by Google so that business owners can customise their businesses and how people view them on Google. My Business allows business owners with listing on Google to personally customise how people will see their listings. It also provides them with tools to build a website and interact with their audience when they leave a review, and Google will provide all this for free.

What is the benefit of this feature to business owners?

Google has been testing a video upload feature to be added to My Business to enhance it and allow business owners to showcase their products better. Google My Business team finally made that feature available to business owners, and it can be accessed through their My Business dashboard.

This feature can be used by customers and business owners alike. Business owners with My Business can view all the videos uploaded by customers about their business, and also upload a video about their business for the customers to see. Developers at Google say that the video can be maximum half a minute long and it can take up to a day for it to be visible in your business listing.

The feature will also give the business owners the ability to flag and report inappropriate videos by the customers and have them reviewed by Google and taken down. Currently, the video upload option is only available for the desktop version, but Google is planning on adding mobile support very soon, which can make My Business more efficient.

Google has kept the video upload option as accessible as possible so that the merchants and business owners don’t get confused. The option is placed under the ‘photos’ section, at top right corner labelled ‘videos’. To upload a video, just click on ‘upload video’ and choose a video to be uploaded. The video will appear after it has finished uploading. It may, however, take some time for the video to be processed before it can be successfully uploaded.  After it has uploaded, it may take up to a day for the video to appear along with your listing on the site, or on Google Maps.

How well has the new addition been received?

The feature has already created a lot of hype because of the utility and ease of access it offers. The option can be found easily in the overview tab within the My Business dashboard, which makes it easily visible even to people with little knowledge about computers.

The videos uploaded by the merchants and business owners are visible along with their business info, in the ‘by owner’ tab, and the customers’ videos can be found in the ‘Customers’ tab. Customers can shoot videos of the place and upload their reviews to the business listings for other people to gain insight before visiting.

However, a business owner can report inappropriate videos by customers and have them removed after being reviewed by the Google team. The videos uploaded by the owner as well as the customer can be found under the ‘videos’ tab.

Hence, to sum this up, business owners can now add videos of their products, along with local pictures, to boost their businesses more effectively.

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