Google Penguin goes Real time within core search algorithm

By Logicserve News Desk

  • September 26, 2016,
penguin-real-time-googles-core-search-engine @LogicserveDigi

penguin-real-time-googles-core-search-engine @LogicserveDigi

Google Penguin now runs in real time within the core search algorithm

Penguin, one of the major Google Algorithm update is now real time signal processed within the core search algorithm.

The last time we had a major Penguin update way back in October 2014. So almost after two years, we have an update which would be final of this type.

Since it is of a ‘real time’ nature now; once you work well on your backlink profile, you should ideally see results after Google revisits your backlinks. This wasn’t a case earlier. If a site was hit by a Penguin penalty, one had to clean the dodgy backlink profile and wait for the next Penguin update to see some results.

Additionally, Penguin will now be more page-specific, not site wide only. By this, we can interpret that Penguin will affect the finer granularity than sites. It might impact specific pages or sections while other pages can be fine.

What is Penguin?
The Penguin algorithm update accesses the quality of inbound links to a website. It tries to identify which links are spammy or unnatural. If it finds a website with a disproportionate number of low-quality backlinks, it will derank the website in Google search results.

Here is what our SEO head, Tejas has to say about this development.

Logicspeak: We are very particular about the website backlink analysis of our SEO clients. While we try to build quality links to the sites, we also make sure we get rid of the dodgy links (if any). With this Google update, Penguin will be real time. So ideally the good work on the backlink will show quick results. Earlier we had to wait or a Penguin update, but now it’s a part of the core algorithm – it is real time.


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