Google Promotes Local Search And Lead Generation In ‘Google Home’ And ‘Google Assistant’

By Logicserve News Desk

  • December 7, 2017,

‘Google Home’ and ‘Google Assistant’ has come up with innovative local search procedures. With its efforts in working with local home service providers such as ‘Porch’ and ‘HomeAdvisor,’ effective interactions will become easier than ever. If you are using a platform where ‘Google Assistant’ is available, you can ask for the services of local contractors. Say, for instance, the request goes like this ‘Ok Google, find a plumber for me’. The command gives rise to structured information which further generates leads and helps you contact the local service provider.

Things to note

Right from the point of its introduction, this particular feature has garnered considerable attention. Local home services are of paramount importance for every family. The traditional search procedure involved breezing through business listings and looking for appropriate services. With Google taking the search procedure one step ahead, things will inevitably become easier for those looking for such services! Here are some of the highlights you should be aware of:

1. Refined leads: Users have the opportunity to go through inexplicable user experience. If they are looking up popular directories such as Angie’s List or ‘IAC-owned Home Advisor’, users will have the opportunity to build connections through a phone. They can also get a comprehensive list of pre-selected contractors. The presence of structured conversations and targeted Q&A refines the leads to a great extent.

2. Highly structured: This new feature rolled out by the company strikes a perfect balance between structured communication and lead generation. The benefits are diverse and bidirectional. Users will get in touch with appropriate service providers, and search results will get structured and streamlined to a great extent.

Crucial points

As the largest and most popular Global network, Google never fails to surprise its followers. The feature launched by the company is a significant step towards successful interactions. Google’s association with ‘Porch’ and ‘HomeAdvisor’ will undoubtedly bring unique opportunities for individuals. Those looking for local services will have the best chance to get in touch with popular contractors.

What is of great interest is that the search process takes place through structured Q&A. That streamlines the entire search process. If you are planning to leverage this feature, here are some points you should know and note:

· Prioritisation: Google needs to come up with crystal clear explanations about the significance of HomeAdvisor and Porch. It is imperative to understand how both these platforms will be prioritised.

· Third party directories: Google needs to be specific about the involvement of 3rd party directories. It’s also unclear whether Google will demand a share of the prices or just collect a ‘toll.’

· Personalised results: Through this particular feature, the company aims at producing personalised search results. Users will get customised and personalised information on targeted home services.

There’s no denying the benefits and advantages offered by this new feature. As far as the functionality and user experience goes, we have to wait and watch how it works!

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