Google Rolls Out New Feature to Help You Recover Your Past Searches & Revisit Previous Search Results

By Logicserve News Desk

  • January 18, 2019,

Google introduces a new feature that will help you retrace your earlier searches and conduct in-depth research on your preferred topic.

Google recently announced that the search engine is introducing a new feature, Activity Cards that makes it easier for users to do in-depth research on any topic. News about this new feature was announced in September last year. Appearing as ‘Related Activity’, this information is available only to you and cannot be shared with others.  

Why the need for this new feature?

While Google is mostly used for quick answers, there are plenty of times when you would require information from the search engine to help you complete along-running task. For instance, whether you are planning to follow a new diet, researching about a particular hobby or craft, you often come back to Google to find information on the same topic.

When you revisit an earlier search, you often look to retrace your previous search or look for new web pages on the topic.Google’s new Activity Cards will help you with your ongoing searches. These cards let you continue where you left off, during your previous search session on the topic.

Image via Google

How does it work?

If you are logged into Google, then you can find activity cards on your favourite search topics like beauty, baking, hobbies, cooking, fashion, photography, fitness, nutrition, diet and more at the top of your search results page. Clicking on this card helps you continue your search explorations where you left off.

How to use it?

The activity card contains links to web pages on the topic that you have visited previously, along with your past search queries on the topic. By clicking on these links, you can easily retrace your previous search path or find out new pages on that topic.

If you want to bookmark a page from your activity card for later reference or for reading later, long press the link and tap on “Add To” button to add it to a specific collection. You can retrieve your saved collections by tapping on the bar at the bottom of your Google app or by pressing the menu button on the top left side of the mobile web search page.

You can delete an item from the activity card by tapping on the 3-dot icon. Alternatively, you can also use this button to turn off the activity card feature completely.  

How will Activity Cards impact the users?

The activity cards provide a great way for users to accelerate their future searches by helping them retrace earlier content or find out new content. Additionally, the collections as part of the activity cards provide users with a quick way to access their preferred content immediately.  

Why am I unable to find the Activity Card?

Right now, the Activity Card is only available in the US for Google app and mobile web users.  

Google working to improve user experience continuously

The tech giant is known for presenting new features that improve the user experience. For instance, recently, Google made it easy for users to find out which streaming platform is available to stream a particular show/movie when they searched for it. In August last year, Google changed the search results page to include panels that contained subtopics related to the search phrase. And, this new feature from the search engine is another example of the company’s continuous efforts to improve the user experience.

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