Google To Make Phrase-Free Service Ads Possible For Local Businesses

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 3, 2018,


Google has made a few updates to the Adwords campaigns to favour local businesses on the basis of their verified locations instead of using targeted search queries. Some businesses have reported seeing a “Local Search Ads Experiment Campaign” link – a sign of Google’s emphasis on local businesses without the need for the traditional phrase based AdWords.

The current scenario 

Currently, Location Services and Google Maps searches are the predominant ways in which advertisers land with enquiries or customers. Of these, the former is available only to a few home service industries in a handful of US cities.

Location extensions are the key to generating local advertisement results for many physical stores in many areas now. Location extensions aren’t a new concept. They are primarily used by physical stores to add more muscle to their SERP objectives. This is driven by providing helpful information about the local business in response to search queries. With this useful extensions, Google has been able to serve ad units on local pack and Maps. Advertisers aren’t left with many options to deal with this activity other than switching it on or off with the expansion or removal of location extensions.

What does the new change mean?

The likelihood of new locally exclusive programs works in favour of local businesses. They can deal with this search independently from traditional Google searches.

One month after these experiments, Google rolled out two key improvements to Google My Business.

  1. Business Descriptions

The first update introduced business descriptions to be entered into the GMB profile. Here GMB provides business owners with 750 characters to describe their products or services and on-going offers.

  1. Addition of Attributes

The following update enabled organisations to indicate any business they give, making an organised mix of business name, thing name inside that service, item cost and item description. Such attribute based menus were already present for hotels since February this year. Now, can be accessible for more businesses in a diverse list of industries.

What these changes denote?

The absence of phrases in local campaigns offers sponsors the opportunity to target neighbourhood searchers without depending on existing efforts and active keywords. This denotes a step ahead for the business savvy marketer who wants better control of his campaigns than what the current setup allows.

With these updates, business owners can feed in helpful information that will help them come up with relevant search queries on Google maps and

Regardless of whether such listings are sponsored or natural, one thing is sure. It allows Google to begin integrating the extra information into the Local Pack for more ventures than simply those indicating items. The extra data Google is currently set to gather from GMB for local stores in an assortment of enterprises will be the primary driver in this case.

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