Google to Open its Store Visit Program to More Advertisers

By Team Logicserve

  • April 28, 2017,

It is no doubt that the current digital marketing world is at its competitive best, the marketers are leaving no stone unturned to gain an edge over the others. Well, if you have been struggling with your marketing endeavors here is a good news for you, Google is here to help you understand the impact of your marketing strategies.

The search engine giant recently announced that it used enhanced measurement techniques and learning-powered modeling to track more than four billion store visits from the ad clicks and it has noticed a staggering growth of one billion clicks in less than one year. Based on the analysis of the clicks, Google has come up with the following observations, which can help companies around the world to improve their marketing strategy.

Have a better understanding of The Geography and the Geometry of stores

The mapping team at Google has developed a technology that helps not only helps the advertisers their store location but also the shape of that sore. The team has mapped the coordinates and the borders of millions of store building in a precise manner. This greatly helps the business organizations to understand the starting point of the location.









Get started on store visits

Once you have had a good understanding of the store visits, there are a few mandatory requirements that you need to meet first to take advantage of the visits:

  • You need to first create a Google My Business Account and link it with your AdWords account.
  • Set-up the location extension in your account
  • Create multiple physical store location in a qualifying country
  • Receive many ad clicks and store visits












Google has announced that it is now set to make the data of the store available to thousands of new advertisers owing to the advancements in the new components of the measuring capabilities. The search engine conglomerate has said that it measures the store visits based on the anonymized and aggregated data of users from around the world who keep the location history tracking feature open on their mobile phone. The recent changes implemented by Google in its mapping feature including the Google Earth and Google street view images helps the users to get precise information about where the buildings begin and end.

As you measure all the users who come to your store through ad click, here are a few simple tips that you must keep in mind:

  • Boost the visibility of your online advertisements to be more discoverable to the potential customers
  • Re-structure your marketing strategy to ensure that your ads reaches the right person through smart targeting and bidding
  • Keep a track of all your online marketing efforts to evaluate the growth in the offline value
  • Closely observe the performance of your online ads and keep fine tuning it to maximize the returns on both online and offline conversations.

The location extension targeting is a great starting point for all the marketers to reach out to the potential customers through mobile marketing. You can keep a tab on the frequently used search terms to ensure sure that you are discoverable to people who are using search phrases like ‘near me’. Thus by including store visits in your total conversion rate, you will get a clear view of the impact your marketing strategies.


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