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By Team Logicserve

  • May 21, 2014,

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Enhance your online visibility by seeking out past trends through Google Trends. Considered to be a very useful feature which offers past data across select parameters, Google Trends provides you key insights and data that can be leveraged for SEO purposes.

At the outset, you can view the most popular searches in the Hot Searches and Top Chart sections while if you are out to locate some special or more specific data then, Google Trends allows you to select from four parameters as per your requirement –

  • Web Search, News Search, Product Search, You Tube Search
  • 2004 – Present – Year wise, Monthly, 90 days, 30 Days, Past 7 days
  • Category wise search – Arts & Entertainment – Autos & Vehicles – Beauty & fitness – Books & literature – Business & industrial – Computers & electronics – Finance – Food & drink – Games
  • Across the World – Country/region wise search

Your search can extend up to 5 search terms or groupings. Also, you can include up to 25 search terms in each group. Remember to use the “+” sign for adding additional search terms in a single group as this could indicate Google to include them while searching for the main search term.

We have searched for two related keywords – online shopping in India + shopping in India.



As you can see the 2nd section of the image, you can even ascertain the extent of online shopping in India across various cities of India as well. If you have selected time ranges parameter, you will be able to view the forecast of that particular trend.


Proceeding to the third section, you can get a fair view of related search queries too which could help understanding the search patterns of the viewers.

Taking this further, Google Trends works well with the Keyword planner to offer you a generalized point of view of the keyword/phrase you are looking out for. Through this search exercise you can even estimate the amount of interest likely to be displayed by the visitors in the future. This could prove quite revealing for online marketers and ecommerce portals who wish to optimize their online business strategies. Not restricting this to just keywords, you can have also check out search by geographical locations in case you wish to expand to newer locations as well.

How to capitalize the data received from Google Trends at the next level –

If you have a business related to a trending topic then you can upload a blog or a news article on the same lines or even tweet about it. Chances of your content being highly visible are great provided you it is of good quality and interesting to read. That’s not all, you can even attract links before you know it.

If you have the bandwidth, you could even upload a couple of short videos and films on your topic and try to seek viewers and traffic through YouTube as well. For more ideas on videos, do conduct a search in YouTube in Google Trends. Remember, you need to optimize your video right by inserting interesting titles, right tags and even descriptions for more visibility. It does pay if you or your product is a brand all by itself but nevertheless, do give it a try.


Google Trends does offer expansive insights into the search trends offering you new vistas to explore especially for the attracting online traffic. Being adaptable and dynamic does help in ensuring that you stay way ahead of the competition and are better equipped to take your business to the next level.

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