Google updates its algorithm to weed out hacked spam

By Tejas Thakkar

  • October 27, 2015,

Spam-hacking @LogicserveDigi

With an aim to purge the hacked spam in the search results, Google has started tweaking its algorithms. Numerous legitimate sites are hacked with an attempt to engage in abusive tactics such as promoting poor quality sites by driving more traffic, malware download, marketing illegal pharma products or counterfeit goods and more.

According to the blog update by the Google, the website owners who do not take security measures and implement standard practices become vulnerable and so are easily hacked. It includes websites of universities, companies, hobby organisations, restaurants and even government sites. Such sites are an easy target for cyber criminals. They search for such sites and inject malicious content to gain higher ranking on the search engines and gain more traffic.

For this, Google is aggressively taking preventive measures to protect the webmasters and users by making changes in their algorithms. In due course, depending upon the language, the algorithmic changes will impact around 5% queries. These changes will ensure that only the relevant results are shown for the queries, weeding out all the hacked spam. This will also make sure that only legitimate and organic results are shown.

Google also plans to give notifications similar to mobile friendly updates to the SERP listing and also to GWT message centre if they find a particular website is hacked.


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