What you need to know about guided search in Pinterest

By Team Logicserve

  • May 27, 2014,
Pinterest guided search @LogicserveDigi

Pinterest guided search @LogicserveDigi

Pinterest gives you a good break from the already overcrowded platforms of facebook, Google+ and twitter. Image as its main focus, Pinterest is now one of the widely used platforms in the world. After further raising more than $800 million collectively from its investors last year, Pinterest now simplifies your search by introducing the guided search engine.

The Guided Search Engine

Whether you put in what exactly you’re looking for or just for something in general with options, this guided search will help you get it in a matter of seconds. There are descriptive guides that help you get through your search and make it further detailed and interesting. For example, if you’re looking for something as simple as a haircut, Pinterest helps you also with the guide to specific styles like the curly layers, bob and redheads and much more. Pinterest guided search is a guide that not only gives you what you are looking for but also offers choices to leave you with more than one option. In a nutshell, it allows you to look for what you want and also for related things you don’t know can be helpful.

How to Use it

It’s simple and quick like every other search engine. Tap in the search icon; fill in the name or the closest information of what you’re looking for. As soon as you do that, guides appear, click on any of the guides for a more refined search and get straight to what you want. Focusing on visuals, Pinterest guided search aims at discovery rather than just findings.

Why this move

Pinterest now is accessed by millions of users across the globe and houses a catalog of billions of great images pinned exclusively by professionals from all walks of life. Therefore, a guided search engine to reach to the exact thing you’re looking for makes all the sense.

With the introduction of guided search, Pinterest focuses on shifting the spotlight of this world’s 4th largest platform from just being a social sharing media to an ideal visual search engine. Pinterest aims to make this guided search more of an informative platform where in you even get to have an idea of something you’re not looking for. It is this quality that gives it an extra edge.


Pinterest guided search is now also available on the go with its apps being introduced for Android and iOS platforms. This move will further push this new initiative of guided search to more audience. This guided search is a huge boost to brands as they can use it to further promote their business to their target audience for more exposure. All in all, Pinterest guided search is here to allow you to go beyond just searching and discover more than what you’re looking for.

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