Having a hard time generating leads? Twitter can help you out!

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  • April 25, 2013,

If you have recently set up a business, generating leads might seem a bit tedious. “Bad days don’t last forever”. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to lean back and relax until the bad days are gone. So, why not use Twitter to generate leads? Twitter is presently one of the most effective tools to locate potential customers. However, simply having a Twitter account won’t really help. You need to manage it the right way. Listed below are a few simple steps guiding you on how to effectively use Twitter to generate leads.

Know your customers

It is very crucial to know your customer. Tweet about the products and services you offer. You might probably come across a few of your followers not too happy with your service. In this case, ask them what they are actually looking out for. Negative tweets shouldn’t be a discouragement but in fact a great learning source.

Off the right stuff

Now that you know what your customers want, it’s time to offer them the right stuff. Take into consideration your customer’s views and make the necessary improvements in your services. This time you don’t want them to complain. So, make sure you don’t miss out on any important aspect.

Link to Your Website

You now have a decent number of followers and it’s time to lead them to the right place – your website. While you tweet, make sure it contains a link to one of your webpages that strictly talk about the benefits of the service you intend to offer.

Get the contact details

The visitors finally know what you have in store for them. But, you are still a mile away from generating a lead. Ensure that your landing page also has a form asking the visitors to subscribe. As a result, you are able to collect their contact information.

Send newsletters

You now have a bunch of email ids that will help you stay in touch with your potential customers. Send newsletters to keep them informed about your recent services and the ones you intend to come up with in future. But, make sure you don’t spam their inboxes with emails that have got nothing to do with your service.

Don’t do away with tweets

You finally have a strong customer base, but that shouldn’t stop you from tweeting further. Keep tweeting. Make sure you are casual enough. So, occasionally, rather than tweeting about your services and products, ask them what they had for lunch or where they plan to go this weekend. This helps build a casual relationship rather than a traditional brand-customer relationship.

When worked upon in the right way, Twitter can surely offer your business the much needed boost. Of course, it won’t be wise to expect a miracle overnight, but you can surely hope for a gradual improvement. If you know too little about Twitter, you might probably want to hire a professional social media marketing company to help you out with the task.

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