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  • January 29, 2014,

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Managing a small business does require employees to wear more than one hat to keep things going. When it comes to PPC, the big question arises once again…..should you outsource PPC or let it be done in house?

A fairly balanced column of pros and cons can be written down for both, the in-house PPC campaign & hiring an agency. However, in the long run, hiring a PPC agency yields better profit for most organizations. Here are some of the reasons, why you should outsource PPC advertising campaigns?

Stay focused on your business & its expansion – This is true for all sorts of outsourcing and PPC advertising isn’t an exception. A dedicated PPC campaign takes a lot of time. There are a hundred things to take care of, a lot of self-learning, and continuously keeping an eye on the PPC performance. Hiring a PPC agency gives you a whole team to do that. ‘Full-time’, that matters in lot of places, and in the end you come out as a winner.

Expertise matters

This is a no-brainer too. Even if your in-house team has some quick-learners, they have loads of other things to get worried about. Hiring a PPC agency brings in the much required expertise for the campaign. Across, the World Wide Web, you will find loads of free advice on PPC advertising but PPC agencies have their set of premium strategies which when put in definitely work wonderfully.

Money goes where it’s needed

There are more ways to lose money while starting out with PPC ads, than you can count. Hiring an agency needs investment, agreed. But you save a bunch by not making rookie mistakes. This is where your profit lies.

Now that we have established that it is awesome to hire a PPC agency, the next step would be to understand, what to look for in a PPC agency.

Choosing the PPC agency

There are agencies which boast that they are playing for the big picture. But can you afford that? A balanced agency is the one which is capable of delivering both short term and long term sales leads. What matters here is the affordability of service with positive turnarounds….Yes, PPC service charges should in correlation with the performance of your campaign but if they eat away your profits then you have need to give a couple of thoughts to it.


Everyone has a plan A. But winners have a plan B, then C and then D. The agency that you are hiring shouldn’t come out as one having all the focus dedicated to one strategy only. There should be evidence that the firm has applied varied methods for different businesses. They should know how to react to changes in your competitors’ strategies.

Good relations from SEM Department – Most PPC agencies enjoy working relationships with technical support with search engines across which these campaigns are run. This implies technical glitches, new feature updates, quick resolution of issues et al ensure that your campaigns are well managed and catered to.


PPC agencies are dedicated to perform their role to the hilt as they are trained and qualified to do so. With the accountability clause mentioned within the contract, PPC agencies need to perform extremely well in order to deliver.

Supplementary online marketing services

SEO and SEM services are other marketing services that could be employed to enhance the entire marketing initiative. The knowledge and availability of these services through your hired PPC agency could be a great booster to your campaign. In fact, an integrated market plan can be approached upon.


A PPC agency usually offers you with case studies, white papers and a list of past clients. Before you sign the deal, it would be great if you are able to get feedback from past clientele. Hiring PPC agency is a move that has high potency to make your business excel.

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