How can brands use the new Pinterest profile design update to their best advantage

By Logicserve News Desk

  • May 4, 2018,



Over the previous year, Pinterest has been adding more highlights for brands to emerge in search lists. Bringing back hashtags enables clients to discover pins quickly and they’ve worked out a gigantic new choice with visual hunt. As per Pinterest, individuals now accomplish more than 600 million visual hunts each month across Lens, their program growth and the visual pursuit tools inside Pins.

Featured Boards is an excellent method to get your clients to a collection of pins without a moment’s delay yet now and again you need the customer focused on only a couple to build the mindfulness around a particular campaign.

Recently, Pinterest has upgraded profile pages for clients and brands by displaying their best pins as a header picture. While this gives a cleaner client encounter over the stage and profile page itself, there’s additionally a simple method to make use of this update.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your Pinterest profile eye-catching and compelling:

  1. Integrate save buttons

If you need individuals to be decisive, they need to do it fast. This can be done by the integration of a save button. Now for users who don’t have the traditional Pinterest button, they can click on save and Pin the content to the site. This is expected to multiply the amount of content that can be pinned to the site and thus improve engagement.

  1. Strategic Pinning

It is recommended to pin a piece of content at least once a day. In the US, evenings and weekends are favourite times for pinning, so you need to plan the pinnings in such a way that it coincides with these timings. If there is a big post, you can split it up into meaningful and exciting smaller chunks and spread the pinning across the entire week, rather than doing it all in one day.

  1. Spotlight on stunning visuals

Pinterest is an exceedingly visual platform. It is no wonder that quality visuals go a long way in evoking engagement and possible conversions. Your photographs ought to be sharp and sufficiently bright. Don’t have time to click impressive original photos? Then make use of free stock photography websites to improve your site’s visual appeal.

  1. Keywords still matter

You are already aware that Pinterest is an image-centric platform. But the fact remains that phenomenal visuals alone are insufficient to guarantee engagement with the audience. Capitalize on the description field to tell your viewers in detail about the click and its purpose. Try to incorporate your most vital keywords to enable your Pins to show up in the search.

Pinterest is making huge steps to their stage to be more brand-friendly while at the same time helping the consumer get to what they’re intrigued by, quicker than ever. If you haven’t been taking advantage of everything Pinterest brings to the table your business, don’t worry. With the improved look and feel that the platform brings about, now might be the best time to begin making the most of this platform.

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