How Can Instagram Add Value To Your Business?

By Logicserve News Desk

  • March 29, 2018,

If you are an enterprise and are thinking of switching to an Instagram business profile, now is the right time. With Instagram being slammed for its ever-changing algorithms, the image-sharing social media giant is doing its best to create a lucrative channel for business owners to market their products and services on Instagram.

Statistics have shown that over 25 million businesses have switched to Instagram business accounts. It is an excellent feature because now businesses can promote their accounts and add links to their web pages through their posts and stories. Profile users have access to their insights and promoted posts.

Listed below are a few features that may convince you to make the switch:

Insights: One of the most sought-after features of Instagram’s business accounts, ‘Insights’ gives you detailed information on profile visitors, follower information, when they are active on Instagram as well as their location. This feature helps the account manager gauge his target audience and helps him to get in touch with the visitors, thus converting a user into a customer.

– Polls within Stories: Businesses can incorporate a greater level of user interaction with the help of polls integrated within the Stories module. It lets you ask questions to followers and get instant feedback.

– Instagram ads: Instagram allows you to put up advertisements and your website links in your posts. This makes it easier for your target audience to access your webpage rather than having them find it themselves.

– Promoted posts: Once you’ve made the switch, the app allows you to promote your posts. This means that, for a small amount, you can increase the reach of your ad/posts to people other than your followers.

– Contact: The Instagram business profile allows businesses to add all their contact information on their profile thus making it easier for users to get in touch with them and inquire about their business.

– Links on stories: Instagram Stories now allow you to add the link of your business website in the stories. So once users view the profile, they can just swipe up and automatically get redirected to your business website.

– Community connections: Instagram now allows you to follow hashtags. So if other businesses or individuals are tagged under the same hashtag, they would be likely to have the same interests and preferences. This allows your business to be in the right community and thus have a better potential for conversion.

– Image optimisation: Instead of the regular box images, Instagram now allows you to optimise the dimension of the image as per your references. So if you have a super sharp image that blows viewers’ minds away, you can add it here and see it make a difference to your brand.

Instagram is definitely adding a ton of features to ensure that it turns out to be a viable social media channel for businesses. Which one of the above is your favourite business feature on Instagram? Do write to us and let us know.

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