How Do You Maximize Your PPC Performance

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  • September 17, 2012,

How Do You Maximize

You cannot just built up a website and say, ‘hey! that is it. I’m finally done’. Its not that easy. To be able to deliver your services or product information online, it is recommended that you first understand what the user is exactly looking for. Online search experts these days talk a lot about mapping a consumer’s intent to a specific search query, to further optimize the campaign performance. Now, if you are a newbie or just getting started, that may sound a bit complicated. All it means is that you need to take a few crucial steps to get the most out of your consumer’s intentions in order to optimize your Pay Per Click campaign. So, how do you do all of this? Lets walk through it step by step.

Categorize your keywords

You ask a school going kid, ‘how to optimize a website’, and you receive an instant answer, ‘ get in the right keywords’. Of course, the kid seems to be knowing what he’s saying, but there is a lot more to it than just following the traditional web content architecture. It is important that you first group your keywords into categorizes, in easy words, get them into the right bucket. The categories would namely be research, purchase and consideration. Once you have done that, its time to move on further.

The Right Landing Page

At times we are so much in a hurry to sell our product that we often intend to land users to our sales copy page. Now, that is like saying, ‘just buy my product, I have nothing else to say’. Of course, everyone wants to make money, but you need to have patience. Therefore, apart from the ‘purchase’ phase, it is important that you equally concentrate on the ‘consideration’ and the ‘research’ phase as well. Why should the visitor buy your product? That’s the question you need to answer. So, your landing page needs to have quality content good enough to compel visitors to buy your product. Yeah! That’s the way to do business. Isn’t it? Anyways, you are not done yet.

Prepare You Ad Copy

PPC is not just any other ordinary campaign which you set up in a few minutes and expect to make a millions in return. A PPC campaign helps you determine who’s visiting your website using a specific keyword in the search engine. Therefore, the next thing you do is prepare an effective ad copy. But, make sure that the ad copy you prepare falls in the right category or the right bucket. For instance, if you want an ad copy to just talk about research or consideration, using words like ‘buy now’ or ‘the best deal’, won’t really work. Instead, the ad copy should contain words like ‘research’, ‘learn’ and so on.

What’s Up With KPIs?

When it comes to KPI (Key Performance Indicator), its not the same for every campaign. It may vary based on what the campaigner is looking for. At the start of your campaign, the KPI may not seem too realistic, in easy words, not quite capable of evaluating the campaign’s success. However, once your campaign has entered the secondary stage, your KPI turns good enough to let you know what’s going on.

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