How Social Networking Sites Can Help You Write Your PPC Ads

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  • January 25, 2012,

When it comes to writing PPC ads, every word is important. In order to generate a lot of clicks, your ad has to be right. A PPC Company can help you with this, but it can take a while to come up with a winning formula. Once you do you though, it can mean a boost in website hits and the potential to increase profit.

A PPC Company will know about social media marketing, but it’s a good idea for those who aren’t familiar with the concept to learn more about this side of internet marketing a little bit more, as it could be very beneficial.

Many people see social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as places solely for chatting to friends. This is only partly true though, for these sites can now be used when writing ads for your business campaign – as it is a great way to get an idea of how your product is being perceived by others. For instance, by searching the Twitter site you can see all the questions that have been asked about your product or service, or the subject matter in general. You can then answer these questions in the ads you pay for. This way your answers will be relevant to issues regarding the interests of your targeted demographic.

Another way in which you can use Twitter to help with your ad’s, is to keep an eye on what’s trending. Although many trend topics might not be relevant to niche products, you might be able to get a better idea of the buzz around certain products. This may turn out to be useful to you, especially if you strike while the iron’s hot. Another idea is to take a look at which ad’s are coming up at the side of Twitter and Facebook. The Sponsored Tweets and Facebook Ads by others can give you a good idea of what’s working, and more importantly what’s not working. For example, if you keep on seeing the same Ad, the reason is most likely to be that it is not performing well. On the other hand, you can see which link addresses or copy work best.

Twitter is also a fantastic way to test out possible PPC combinations without wasting money. You simply enter them as a status update, then wait to see which variations encourages the most hits through your website. You must be consistent with them though in order to measure their real success. Alternatively, you just go ahead and them what they think directly. Tweeting your followers and drumming up conversation is always a guaranteed solution to get answers to a lot of your questions. You can always ask them to take part in a survey too, for a more visual way to see what people think.

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