How To Avoid Fraud Clicks In Your AdWords Marketing Campaigns?

By Logicserve News Desk

  • September 21, 2017,

Many marketers around the world are always looking up ways to avoid click fraud in the Google Display Network (GDN). Advertisers who offer PPC (Pay-per-click) techniques are exploring the platform of paid search. But they know that exploring this area will also introduce them to click fraud as well. As long as you are aware of it, you may feel the need to learn proactive ways of securing yourself from such marketing issues.

What is Click Fraud?

It is a common black-hat SEO technique that involves forcefully increasing the PPC ad clicks. Click fraud can be achieved using many ways, such as by clicking on your own ads to generate revenue, etc. Needless to say, the client who is paying for these ads doesn’t see any yield from such black hat methods. In short, he is spending ad dollars for no returns at all.

Tips to eliminate such sinful activities

Even though Google has claimed that click fraud techniques have been eradicated, many marketers are still facing it. Unless you want to stay patient and wait for Google to remove the issue itself, try any of the following tips yourself.

  • Use Social Media ads:

Your ads may show up only on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter in this scenario. This works to your advantage as this limits the involvement of third-party publishers who practice black-hat techniques. This way, you can restrict the act of click fraud as the targeting settings are much advanced than GDN. With paid Facebook or Twitter ads, you are able to target certain groups, which makes it harder for competitors to find your ads.

  • Configuring IP Exclusions in Adwords:

This method may be an advanced one, but it does help in limiting fraudulent activities while working with AdWords. If you have the specific IP addresses that you may feel are linked to the deceptive PPC clicks, then you can block these particular IPs from seeing your ads. This requires setting up an exclusion from the settings tab and locating IP exclusions option.

  • Manage your targeting Ads efficiently

Many a time, all that is required are a few alterations in the ad campaign settings to remove the fraud clicks. Sometimes, the geographic location of such clicks is located by marketers. This may be beneficial as then you can create an exclusion with the zip code of that particular area. Hence, you will be able to target healthy traffic only. But, make sure that you are confident about the location of the exploiters.

  • Running remarketing campaigns for GDN:

Your concerns about GDN-related click fraud can be answered with this tip. You can use a remarketing campaign and avoid such deceitful activities as your ads are only visible to those who show an interest in your website. This way, the publishers who were planning to click fraud on your ads will not be able to see your marketing banners anymore.


No doubt the online world is filled with unlimited opportunities. But, this gives birth to illegal activities as well. The GDN platform also involves ad buying problems through fraudulent methods. The good news is that a little bit of caution and incorporation of useful tips like the ones shared here can help you safeguard your marketing campaigns.

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