How to Enhance Digital Brand Storytelling in 2019

By Logicserve News Desk

  • December 13, 2018,

The concept of one way press release and print advertisement is a way of the past. Today, it is the age of brand storytelling, and that seems to work wonders in generating engagement and driving conversions online. Any company or business that has to be successful online needs to go in for an effective storytelling procedure. This can be a challenging job because the company has to figure out as to what to say and howto say. Many of the B2B and B2C marketers are continuously thinking of rigorous, engaging content for their market. Here are some handy tips that can help a business owner to master the art of storytelling and work with a sound content strategy.

1 – Capture the present

Nowadays, companies have adopted a more journalistic approach when it comes to propagating their brand. In order to tap the crowd, they create news, personalise it, thus staying relevant, accountable and taking a stand to support their strategies.

An idea or a concept will not sell until and unless it strikes a chord amongst the consumer’s mind and successfully capture his attention. One has to see things from the consumers’ point of view and then only can all the branding promotion be successful.

2 – Effective publication

A major constituent of any brand storytelling is technology. This helps in creating, curating and managing the content to make the consumer engagement quick and easy.  Every brand rightly needs a proper platform that will publish their content, amplify it and maintain the standards of its consistency.

The right platform can help the business owner to optimise and analyse his content and modify it accordingly as needed. Thus, right from the initial stage of its origin right up to the results, technology plays a crucial part here.

3 – Adapt to changes

In today times, there are hundreds of public channels that are at the fingertips of the consumers, to stick to them or not. Therefore, sound branding should embrace changes and try to reach the right audience.

If this is not happening, the business owner can try to deploy its storytelling concept across the various trending channels without letting the quality getting affected.  The fact that there are a vast number of channels makes it easier for business owners in reaching out to the right target. 

4 – Rules about authenticity

A good storytelling concept usually covers the details about the company and its mannerism of functioning. This greatly involves the right use of human emotions because, if people are positively affected, the sales will automatically be positive.

It has been observed that due to an emotional attachment towards a particular brand, people still stick to it in spite of been given more attractive alternatives.  Such people go in for their favourite brands 32% more and tend to shop about 46% more than those who do not have any such preferences.

Thus, the concept of storytelling is a boon for the trending brands, who are fishing for the right market to promote their services.

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