How to improve the customer journey through analytics?

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 30, 2017,

In a data-driven world, it will be a sin not to utilise the powerful feature to know about the preferences and pain points of your customers. It may happen that your customers will be using only one or two modules of the product you are promoting online. It really helps to know what the customer is using and what he is not using. This helps improve customer advocacy and decrease churn for your brand.

Some ways in which you can use data and analytics to ensure better level of marketing to your customers would include :–

1. Be mindful of the objective of the analytics exercise
Your team needs to be on the same page about why they need to analyse the analytics. Some key goals to achieve would include –

  1. Bring down customer churn
  2. Improve engagement
  3. Craft better personas for more personalised marketing
  4. Drive a much better user experience for your brand website

This will help you narrow down what you are looking for in the analytics tool and, in turn, give you a direction of how you should be using it.

2. Use the correct data
With the vast variety and velocity in the sources of data, marketers are finding it challenging to know which data to use for tracking which metric. Adding to the complexity is the presence of unstructured data such as the ones found on social media platforms.

We recommend that you need to focus on extracting high-quality data and get a broader view of the overall customer journey, to make the best use of analytics.

3. Track the right metric at the right time
Instead of going for a generic dashboard that presents all the data visualisation in one report, opt for a narrower approach so that you can cancel the clutter and concentrate on those numbers and figures that really matter to you. This will also provide one more advantage of giving custom slice-and-dice of numbers in near real-time so that patterns can be uncovered quickly and management decisions can be taken swiftly.

4. Pick only the most apt visualization method
With recent advancement in big data, the amount of solutions now available to a marketer to visualise data is humongous. As a marketer, it is important not to be swayed by the sheer number of choices. Instead, focus on your marketing goal, be clear about what you need to track, and then select an appropriate data visualisation tool that serves your specific analytics goal exclusively.

Our suggestion – do not go for a solution that provides fancy and bright coloured charts and visualisation. Instead opt for a simple, noise-free tool that lets you narrate your story through numbers in a more compelling manner.

Influential CMOs across the world are fast embracing analytics in driving competitive edge. Today, no marketer can afford to shy away from analytics and hope to run his campaign successfully. With the above steps in mind, you can effectively utilise the power of analytics to build engagement with customers and provide them with a great experience in all milestones of the customer journey.

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