How to integrate social media into your marketing strategy

By Team Logicserve

  • April 11, 2014,

Social media and marketing

In the marketing sphere, social media and conversation marketing are considered to be brand changers. This combination is like no other method because it has the ability to change the fundamental nature or composition of the brand/customer relationship.

Although many marketing experts say that social media and conversation marketing work fine for companies; they are still insufficient vehicles when propagated individually. Marketers are finding it very difficult to attain economies of scale when they are building relationships with buyers on an individualized or tiny group basis. Therefore, social media cannot be termed as a solo act, but it is best when it is combined with conversation marketing. If you are thinking or planning to use social media as a free standing strategy, you will have to first consider adding some integral social media components to your existing marketing initiatives.

To achieve cross-media synergy with social media, you will have to amalgamate social media with search marketing. For this, you will have to create good quality content for your brand and then distribute it widely. Always plan where you are going to target your content; you can get more bait in the water. Additionally, you will have to optimize each and every piece of content for search.

Another way to achieve cross-media synergy with social media is by combining it with e-mail. When you have good e-mail and good social media, you will get a perfect blend that will create positive awareness of your brand in a marketplace. You will have to use your social initiatives to check out some novel content approaches. So, make sure to add the most successful content to your email messages.

Merging virtual events with social media will also help you in your marketing success on the internet. You need to understand that your audience is not a few customers in a single room, but several customers in the world. If you have a marketing presentation that is just out of the world, you should broadcast it to the world. You can use some slide sharing websites where you can upload your presentation for free.

If your organization is planning some live events, you can use social media to create awareness about it. Likewise, you can also merge market research with social media and take the advantage of the latest trends in the market. You can directly talk to a set of customers and ask them how they feel about your product. You can even modify your product on the basis of the feedback that you received.  

LogicSpeak :

In addition to these strategies there are several strategies use social media for your marketing gains. But always keep in mind that you have to select the best strategy that suits the needs and budgets as well. There are several challenges that marketers are facing these days, but with the right strategy, all targets are achievable.

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