How to Measure B2B Content Marketing Outputs

By Team Logicserve

  • March 4, 2015,

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You probably have an awesome product/service that could solve the world’s problems. But, such a product/ service fulfills its destiny only when the ‘world’ hears about it AND decides to use it to solve its problems.

In a nutshell, this should put things in perspective for you.

Content-marketing-sale @LogicserveDigiThere is a certain level of investment involved with any effort that directly affects sales. Content Marketing is no different either. The challenge is, to measure quality in a quantified manner. Can we?? Let’s see…


Characteristics of Quality Content

Quality is the very arsenal that pique’s the interest from casual glance to focused reading. Although it is impossible to quantify quality (…to measure marketing efforts…), these traits have a direct impact on content marketing. So, for a content marketing strategy to generate desired results, do not compromise on quality over cost.

  • Accuracy & Expertise on the subject matter
  • Study supported by Statistics
  • Relevance to prevailing industry standards
  • Intelligent and useful conclusion
  • Actionable Wrap-up


The Cost Involved

Creating content with the intent of driving sales takes a bit more tact than regular writing. Multiple factors go in to accounting for the content creation and marketing efforts. Some are listed below.

Content marketing cost @LogicserveDigi


Measuring ROI on Content Marketing

Tracking and evaluating investments from time to time, is a good way to observe the market, optimise the strategies and influence sales. However, between the marketing department and the investment authorities, metrics totally vary, albeit working towards the common goal, they chose separate paths.

Measuring content marketing ROI @LogicserveDigi



Content has stood the test of time, much before the hype of SEO and SMM transitioned from nerds-only to the mainstream boardroom. So, it is safe to assume that, in spite of numerable (yet) unforeseen changes that might happen to Google’s algorithm, Social media’s ad policies, content will continue retain its momentum in driving traffic and influencing sales. However, this requires due diligence to a strategic content creation & content marketing plan.

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