How to Use Customer Service for Increasing Website Ranking

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  • November 20, 2013,
Rank higher on Google @LogicserveDigi

Rank higher on Google @LogicserveDigi

Having gone ahead with an online identity and social marketing initiatives such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media Marketing (SMM), most businesses are vying to capitalize on the online boom. But with recent Google updates like Penguin and Hummingbird have toppled many a search results to alarmingly low ranks. In fact, they are on a look out for a quick and concrete solution to this intense situation.

Till the SEO fraternity could devise new online marketing strategies, businesses need to be quick in terms of enhance their business presence. In reality, this may take several months for them to fully understand the intentions of Google’s algorithms and their updates. How about giving some thought to the customer service factor in order to get new customers and retain the existing ones?

Online or offline, customers play a key role in growth of the business implying on giving priority to customer retention at every stage. In reality, acquiring a new customer is far more expensive than retaining an existing customer. If customer retention quotient of any business is high, chances of sustenance and growth of the business remain high.

Customer Service – Top Priority

On an estimate, more than fifty per cent of consumers end their business relationship with a corporation owing to unconstructive and negative customer service interaction. If businesses fail to retain their customers or lag in the art of interacting with them, consumers are sure to look for replacements in services by opting for business’ competitors.

Understanding Customers’ Wants

Building and maintaining customer relationships is indeed an art. Businesses that have mastered it are the ones who taste great success as their loyal and returning customers will certainly not leave their side, come what may. But, it is also important to analyze what Customers Want.

Here are some of the needs and preferences any customer would want and/or expect from the business.

  • Bespoke experience: Customers crave for a bespoke or personalized experience from the business they are dealing with. They literally do not want to feel just like a number.

  • Professional, supportive, friendly staff: This is the dream of each and every customer around the world. Although some businesses house a great staff, others are filled with ignorant ones.

  • Useful information and resolution of their problems: Customers prefer to receive special treatment each time, they approach the company for assistance. Also, they aim to scoop useful information and speedy resolution of their problems.

  • Reputable businesses and/or companies: Businesses that are reputable and have considerable goodwill in the market are always good to deal with. Customers look for the reputation of the company on the basis of its dealings.

Finally, although the Google updates have left small businesses worried about their rankings and SEO strategy decisions, handling customers in a better fashion could work wonders for their business till the air over Google updates becomes clearer.


Yes, its true that building and maintaining customer relationships is very important for all kinds of business, including your SEO clients. In these times of Google updates and its negative impacts, it is necessary to convince the customer by showing readiness to tackle the situation and retain them.

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