How to use Live Videos for better engagement?

By Logicserve News Desk

  • November 15, 2017,

With the humongous volume of content available to be consumed, businesses across the globe are thinking of variations in how they can expand their outreach, create a memorable brand recall value, and enable conversions through the online medium. These days, video is emerging as a great content creation tool that improves the stickiness of your brand’s marketing messages. Under video production, the concept of doing live video by the co-founder or the company’s owner is emerging as a favourable trend to interact better with your target audience in a more streamlined fashion.

Top 3 channels to improve your visibility

Going live is made possible with the below three popular social media and digital channels. Make sure to keep these as the first choice of channels to propagate your brand value proposition through live video.

1. Facebook Live
The way Facebook shows its live video offers immense visibility enhancement opportunities. Its algorithm places live video on top of the regular feeds. In an increasingly overcrowded platform getting seen is becoming difficult and this algorithm function will be a significant plus point for live video creators.

2. Twitter
Using live video for Twitter has emerged recently but has gained quick momentum, mainly because it is being embraced by big names such as Bloomberg TV to get a visibility thrust.

3. YouTube
The world’s biggest video platform too has the option to create live videos. Sensing an opportunity here, YouTube has taken concrete steps to improve its live video service. For instance, its efforts have seen live video latency being reduced to just a few seconds.

How to create the perfect Facebook Live process?

One of our favourite channels for pushing live videos is Facebook Live. After having a bit of success on this front, we wanted to share with you what we did to enhance the overall Facebook Live creation and sharing process so that there is a better likelihood of higher engagement through this channel.

What to do when starting off?

1. Explore the type of content you want to push through Facebook Live. While Mashable does a broadcast of tech events, you can create a video out of a blog post.

2. To make your video production plan more streamlined, try and answer two key queries
a. what type of information you want to broadcast and to whom?
b. what will be the end goal of the Facebook Live video

3. Determine the length and format of the video

What tools are needed?
Having access to the below tools ensures that you don’t look like an amateur when producing the video:

1. Lighting – have proper lighting and have a noise-free background with preferably a single tone shade and some visibility of your brand icon that stays permanently affixed for the duration of the video.

2. Camera – The angle, the sharpness, the colour saturation, all these success factors boil down to one particular enabler – the kind of camera used. While most iPhones would do the job well, make sure that the face is visible at an appropriate angle.

3. Bandwidth – Check if your Wi-Fi is at good signal strength so that the transmission doesn’t get bogged down by lags or delays.

Do write in with your comments and let us know about your experience with Facebook Live.

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