How to Use Story Telling for Social Media

By Team Logicserve

  • October 17, 2014,

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Weaving tales around anecdotes, concepts, values and real life experiences relates to the art of storytelling. A good and well narrated story is sure to attract enough curiosity and attention, be it at home with your parents or grandparents or with teachers at school or at a theatre or simply amongst a group of friends.

These days, storytelling has move online since most human interaction take place here, with its capacity to intrigue and captivate intact. Wondering how to lead your audience across an enthralling digital media story across Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks? Here’s how, you should go about it….

  • Be Human…your brand is relating to fellow humans/mates
    People love interacting with people who have similar likes and tastes so make sure to share with them interesting stories, experiences and information associated with your brand. By doing so, they feel included as they know what you are doing, new happenings around you and even get a peek into your brand activities.
  • Brand Story …..
    Brand is not just an entity; it is evolving and therefore has a story to narrate. Your customers have liked your product but at the same time, offering information relating to how, what and why your brand build up not only the trust factor but a long lasting relationship too. You need to stay afloat with the USP of the brand and not dig too deep into it. Remember the stories you narrate should be a reflection of your brand and its strategy
  • Offer engaging stories –
    As mentioned earlier, people relate with people similarly stories relating to employees, colleagues, celebrities and more could offer a better engagement factor for instance – first customers, winners of competitions, luck draws or celebrities visits could create a viral of sorts in relation to your brand.
  • Style of Writing –
    When you are relating to customers, friends through your social media profile…your main motive should be to engage them. Use the narrative form of writing and see how interesting they turn out to be. In fact, they could be stating an interesting experience in just a couple of lines.Posts which are slightly longer than a tweet but much crisper than a blog, your posts could turn out to be way too interesting to give them a miss. Inserting an image relevant to the post with a suitable title could make it even interesting.
  • Be Rational/Logical in posting
    Remember, your social media page is your brand image and hence you need to be consistent in posting stories, images and related information. Offering information in chronological order of sorts is advisable. Remember to stay as friendly and flexible as possible.

LogicSpeak: Follow this mantra:

  1. Speak truthfully
  2. Infuse personalities into stories
  3. Create characters your audience will root for
  4. Include a beginning, middle, and end
  5. Don’t give it all away


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